Prehealth Post-Graduate Options

If you are not able to complete all prerequisites during your time at Pomona, you want to strengthen your application, or you find you are not quite ready to enter into graduate studies you have a number of options following graduation.

Post-Bac Programs

These programs are designed to help you prepare for health profession programs either by completing the necessary requirements, strengthening your application or candidacy by adding relevant coursework and improving your overall GPA, or by taking courses with medical students while earning a master's degree (the latter is referred to as a Special Master's Program - SMP). There are a range of post-bac programs that differ in their approach and focus. To learn more about these different options, refer to the AAMC Post-Bac Programs Directory.

Masters Programs

Masters programs are a great way to gain further study in a specific field or specialty. These programs do not count toward an undergraduate GPA; however, completion of a science or health-related masters program can demonstrate a commitment to healthcare and the ability to handle advanced coursework.

Gap Year Experiences

Gap year experiences can include additional healthcare or work experience, traveling, or achieving a life goal prior to starting a program.

Spotlight on Careers
AAMC - How Do I Make the Most of My Gap Year?
Glide Year Opportunities

Whatever you do between graduation and applying, make sure you can talk about the experience and relate it to your overarching goal of entering the healthcare field. Remember, taking time to make sure you are the strongest applicant you can be critical. You should apply when you are ready.

Gap Year Opportunities

  • Coro Fellows
  • Capital Fellows
  • Community HealthCorps/AmeriCorps VISTA/AmeriCorps HealthWorks
  • City Year
  • Teach for America
  • Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET)
  • Schuler Scholar
  • Teach for China
  • Citizen Schools
  • Blue Engine
  • Explo Campus at Yale
  • Match Education
  • SAGA Innovations
  • The Public Interest Network
  • Bon Secours Volunteer Ministry
  • Lutheran Volunteer Corps
  • St. Joseph Worker Volunteer Program
  • Jesuit Volunteer Corps
  • Amate House
  • Peace Corps
  • Mercy Volunteer Corps
  • VIA/USA Exchange Programs
  • Child Family Health International*
  • Amigos de las Americas*
  • Cross-Cultural Solutions*
  • Global Routes*
  • Volunteers for Peace*

*Fee Based Program