Study Abroad Application Process

Enrollment in the Semester Prior to Study Abroad

Students are expected to be enrolled full-time on campus in the semester prior to study abroad and must complete the semester with grades in each of their courses. Study abroad approval will not be granted (or will be revoked) for students who withdraw before the end of the semester or who take incompletes in their coursework. Students who have been on leave status or who have withdrawn from the College must successfully complete one academic semester (Fall or Spring) of full-time coursework on campus before participating in a study abroad program. Exceptions may be granted for students participating in other approved off-campus study programs in the semester prior to study abroad.

Early Application by Students Leaving Campus

Students who will not be in Claremont during the semester preceding the proposed semester abroad should contact the OSA to discuss eligibility and to make arrangements for completing the application process. Applications are due by the on-campus deadline; however, students are strongly encouraged to submit completed applications during the semester before leaving Claremont.

Completing the Application

The application is a two-step process. Students must submit the Pomona application and the secondary application, and all supporting documents, by the Pomona deadline. Only completed applications will be considered.

Students may apply to one study abroad program only. However, in cases where the selected program is competitive or if there is concern about a student’s relevant prerequisites, we encourage students to select a second-choice program. Advisors will work individually with applicants in these circumstances to determine the best timeframe for the second-choice application.

Remember that your participation in the program is contingent upon approval from both the program provider and the Study Abroad Committee (SAC) at Pomona College.

Pomona Application

Once you have met with an advisor and decided which program you would like to apply for, you may request access to the Pomona application.

The Pomona application includes the following:

  • Signature Documents
    • Study Abroad Consent
    • Study Abroad Policies
  • Informational Content
    • Application Profile Picture
    • Consular Information Sheet
    • Scholarships
    • Secondary Application Instructions
  • Two Faculty Recommendations (plus a foreign language evaluation, if applicable)
  • Application questionnaires
    • Emergency Contact
    • Student Information
    • Personal Statement
    • Academic Planning Forms (Advisor and Department Chair signature required)
    • Passport Photocopy
      • Please note: students are required to have a passport that is valid for 6 months after the end of the program. If a student does not have a passport at the time of application, please submit a note indicating that you are in the process of applying along with the date you intend to receive your passport with your Pomona application. For more information, please visit the Passports page.

Optional: If you would like to earn major or minor credit abroad, you may download and complete the Preliminary Request for Major/Minor Credit with your department chair.

The Secondary Application

In addition to completing the Pomona application, you must complete the “secondary application,” or the application generated by your study abroad program provider. For example, students applying to Middlebury Schools Abroad programs must complete the Middlebury application, in addition to the standard Pomona application.

The secondary application and all its supporting materials, such as photos and transcripts, are due to the program provider by Pomona’s deadline. For most programs, it is the student's responsibility to submit the application to the program sponsor directly. Please see more detailed secondary application instructions in your online Pomona application.

Pomona Programs have supplemental application materials. The Pomona application includes instructions for completing the secondary application (except for the Cambridge and Caracol programs) as well as additional items for the Pomona application. Please read your secondary application instructions in the Pomona portal carefully and take note of any items the host institution requires the OSA to send on your behalf. Pomona Programs are: Cambridge, Cape Town GES, Caracol, Edinburgh, and Tokyo.

Completing the Secondary Application

1. Complete the application, which can be found on your program provider's website, or in the Pomona Program application materials. Be sure to save a copy for your records.

2. Your secondary application may require the following documents and forms:

Official Transcript

Students may request one PDF copy of their official transcript to be sent to their program provider from the Pomona Registrar at no cost by emailing Students must provide the email address of the program provider, as well as the name of the recipient/office to which it will be sent, when making their request. Additional electronic transcripts may be ordered through the student portal at the student's expense.

Study Abroad Advisor Approval Form/Home Institution Nomination Form

This must be completed by the Office of Study Abroad. If your program has an online form, please send it to the Director or Assistant Director of Study Abroad. Please note: Pomona will consider your secondary application to be complete when all materials, except for the nomination form, are submitted. The Office of Study Abroad will complete this form after reviewing your Pomona application.

Faculty Recommendations

Please follow the provider's instructions for requesting and submitting faculty recommendations, in addition to the recommendations required by Pomona. Pomona does not automatically share your recommendations with your program provider. You should request recommendations from professors who have taught you in a college-level academic course. Please note that some of our program partners use the same online application system as Pomona, so the recommendation requests faculty receive from Pomona and your program provider will look almost identical. They should complete both. For programs that do not require a letter of recommendation, but rather a form, if faculty prefer, Pomona (as well as some program providers) will accept a letter of recommendation in place of the form.

Foreign Language Evaluation

Programs which have a language prerequisite will often require a foreign language evaluation. This may be completed by the same language professor who completes the language evaluation for your Pomona application, but he/she must complete both evaluations (Pomona & secondary applications); one form cannot substitute another.


In addition to the photo the Pomona application requires, many secondary applications require photos. If a hard copy photo is required, these may be taken in the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Certain programs impose size or content requirements on photos, so please follow instructions carefully. The TCCS Connection, at the south entrance of Honnold Mudd library, can take official passport photos. Most drugstores, such as CVS and Walgreens, also offer an official passport service. In the Claremont Village, Claremont Photo & Video also offers this service.

Additional Forms and/or Copies

Please read application instructions carefully and submit all necessary forms and photocopies of documents as the program provider requests.

3. Most programs have waived the application fee for Pomona students, but there are some programs that require students to pay the application fee upfront. If your program requires you to pay an application fee when applying, you may submit a reimbursement request to the Assistant Director of Study Abroad. Please keep all documentation and receipts to file the reimbursement.

4. It is your responsibility to submit your secondary application by Pomona's application deadline. Many programs fill up before their deadline and the Pomona deadline is set with this in mind.

5. Students may apply to one study abroad program only. However, in cases where the selected program is competitive or if there is concern about a student’s relevant prerequisites, we encourage students to select a second-choice program. Advisors will work individually with applicants in these circumstances to determine the best timeframe for the second-choice application.

What Happens After I Submit My Application?

All Pomona applications are reviewed by the Pomona College Office of Study Abroad and the Study Abroad Committee (SAC) and applicants will be notified in writing about acceptance by the SAC. Additionally, each applicant’s secondary application must be approved by their program provider and/or host university.

Participation in study abroad is contingent upon continued good academic and disciplinary standing in the current semester. This includes satisfactory completion of all program pre-requisite courses and related language courses. In addition, students should maintain the GPA required for the program.

Applicants who are accepted to study abroad by Pomona College must complete and sign the Acceptance Agreement by the deadline specified in the acceptance letter, indicating their intent to participate. After applicants sign this document, they become study abroad participants and must complete the participation forms found in the online application portal. It is important that students submit all required forms and respond to all requests from the Office of Study Abroad and the program provider in a timely manner. Failure to do so will result in automatic withdrawal from the program.

For more information regarding the selection process, please visit the Selection Process page.