Study Abroad Fees and Expenses

Fee Policy

Study abroad participants are charged Pomona College tuition and the standard room and board fees (16 meals/$160 Plus dollars) for the time abroad. The Associated Students fee is not charged. The comprehensive Pomona fee is billed in the usual manner, and covers:

  • the academic program abroad,
  • standard room (as defined by the program) and board expenses (as recommended by the program for periods when classes are in session), 
  • an international travel allowance, which is a contribution towards the cost of round-trip transportation from the closest international airport of the student's home city to the program site,
  • a local transportation allowance if specified by the program provider as necessary for commuting to and from class,
  • a visa reimbursement, if required for study,
  • program application fee reimbursement, if charged by host program,
  • travel insurance which provides worldwide travel assistance, personal security services, medical assistance, and emergency travel assistance, and
  • administrative costs incurred by Pomona for each semester.

Pomona provides an allowance for room and board expenses on some programs, while on others the program or on-site director distributes these allowances directly. There is no reduced meal plan for study abroad. Generally, the fee excludes room, board, and travel during vacation periods.

Students on payment plans may request continuation of the service while abroad.

Financial Aid 

Financial aid continues for eligible students during the time abroad. The OSA maintains a list of additional scholarships for study abroad. Students should discuss how additional outside aid may impact their existing aid package with the Financial Aid Office.   


Students must provide proof of sickness, hospital, and accident insurance equal to the coverage available through The Claremont Colleges before going abroad. Students must carry an insurance policy that provides coverage while abroad. 

Personal Expenses 

Students are responsible for commuting costs not expressly included in the program fee, and incidental expenses such as books, laundry, entertainment, personal travel, postage, gym/sports fees, internet fees, and telephone calls. These costs are likely to be higher than in Claremont. Circumstances and local costs vary considerably from site to site and, with the changing value of the dollar, from year to year. Pomona College is not responsible for fluctuating exchange rates.

The program fee also does not cover airport taxis or transportation to/from the airport, medical fees, immunizations, purchase of bedding or cooking equipment, refundable room deposits, supplemental housing fees, and passport fees. These fees vary. Students are responsible for damage done to housing while abroad. All overseas debts must be settled before returning to the U.S.

Other Claremont Colleges Students 

Students from other Claremont Colleges pay regular tuition, room, and board fees to their home college. Allowances are issued by the home college per their policies. Students receiving financial aid should make arrangements with their home college before going abroad.

Withdrawal from Study Abroad 

Students who choose to withdraw from a study abroad program after submitting the signed contract must notify the OSA in writing. In the event of withdrawal from a study abroad program, the refund policy of the program provider will apply, and students will be liable for any unrecoverable expenses incurred on their behalf by Pomona College. Additionally, Pomona College will require repayment of any funds paid out directly to the student.

Students who find it necessary for medical or personal reasons to leave a program once it has begun should consult with the on-site director as well as with the Pomona Director of Study Abroad. Students must submit a written statement to the OSA requesting a leave, which will be forwarded to the Pomona Dean of Students Office for approval. The written statement should include: the reasons for departure from the program, a plan for the leave period, and plans for returning to Pomona. The OSA will negotiate decisions on credits, grades, and financial implications following approval of the leave.