Housing Abroad

Housing Options 

Ideally, the OSA seeks to integrate Pomona students into the host country's culture when making living arrangements abroad; however, the locale determines to a great extent what is available and the options vary widely among program sites. Housing for students abroad generally falls into three categories: rooms in private homes, student or university housing, and apartments shared with other program students. Each situation offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

Private Homes 

Living with host country nationals provides exposure to the country's customs, culture, and daily life. Students living in a private home may be treated as a family member or as a boarder, depending on the host's expectations for providing a room. Before moving into a home, students should discuss their expectations, as well as the use of appliances, telephones, facilities, meal hours and kitchen privileges, curfew, and other household rules and restrictions with the host family.

Student or University Housing

When university housing is available, Pomona students are encouraged to live with local roommates or flatmates whenever possible in order to deepen their engagement with local students. In some locations, separate housing is provided for international students, which can be a great opportunity to meet students from all over the world.

Apartments with Other Program Students 

Sharing an apartment with other program students is the only option available in some large cities such as Athens. Students in this situation may miss some of the opportunities for cultural exchange other options provide, but usually enjoy greater personal freedom.