Having an event on campus that needs electricity? Use SolTrain—a mobile solar panel! SolTrain harnesses energy from the Sun to power speakers for music, blenders for smoothies, and lights for evening events.

SolTrain is a President’s Sustainability Fund project. In 2008, the President's Advisory Committee on Sustainability (PACS) approved funding from the President's Sustainability Fund for a mobile solar station, to be used as a renewable power source for the Organic Farm (which didn't have electric supply), to power campus events and activities, and to serve as a showcase project for renewable energy. The project was built entirely by students, staff, and faculty, and made its debut at the College's 2009 Earth Week festivities. 

SolTrain has powered a number of campus events, including DJs and other audio systems at parties, an audio-visual exhibit at an art gallery, and lights at a student-run fashion show. It has also powered countless laptops and cell phone chargers, and the occasional cooking device.

Please contact if you would like more information about using SolTrain at an event.