Work/Volunteer for Admissions

Alumni Volunteers

If you are a graduate of Pomona who wants to get involved with admissions, please visit our Alumni Admissions Volunteer page.


Student Volunteer Opportunities

As a student volunteer, you will help shape the Pomona community and meet your potential new classmates. Volunteering with the Office of Admissions is the most direct way for current students to introduce prospective students to the Pomona community. Your unique insights are invaluable in helping prospective students and families gain an accurate and well-rounded perspective on the College. Volunteering is also a great way to gain work experience, build your résumé and/or prepare to apply for a paid position with our office. You can apply and commit to more than one program at a time. For any opportunity where a specific contact is not listed, please contact

A Slice of Pomona

We strive to offer admitted students as many opportunities as possible during April to visit campus and connect with the Pomona community. A Slice of Pomona is a half-day program that invites admitted students to experience a morning or afternoon in a Pomona student’s life. The admitted student will join you for a meal, class and anything else you have scheduled (or unscheduled!) for the morning (9 a.m. – 12 noon) or afternoon (12 noon – 4 p.m.). Please only sign up for days and times when you have a Pomona class to give the admitted student a taste of Pomona’s academic life. For more information, contact Katrina Bruno.

Take Pomona Home

Want a fun way to share your Pomona College experience with high school students when you return home over winter or summer break? Take Pomona Home provides a way for you to help younger students learn more about Pomona College by sharing your own story about how you found Pomona, why you chose it and what your college experiences have been like. We don't expect you to be an expert on admissions. You will be provided with informational admissions materials and given assistance in planning your presentation. 

Paid Opportunities for Students

We welcome current students to apply for paid positions in our office during the summer and academic year to assist with daily programming and build knowledge of the admissions process. Qualified applicants will be enthusiastic, responsible and have strong communication skills.

Admissions Interns

Terms: Academic Year (Sept. – May, excluding winter break); Winter (first two weeks of January)

Admissions Interns are engaged students who are knowledgeable about Pomona College, have developed meaningful connections across campus and are excited to serve as representatives of the College. Paid positions are available for the full school year and the winter break. School-year interns are expected to work at least 6 hours per week and one Saturday during the fall semester. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: responding to admissions email queries, coordinating hosting, assisting with diversity fly-in programs and Admitted Students Days. Mandatory training will take place the first week of the fall semester. Applications for the full-time winter break intern positions are available in November. Applications for the school-year intern positions open X and are due March 23.

For more information about the Intern positions, contact Cris Monroy '14.

Summer Fellows

Term: Summer (May 18 - Aug. 28)

Summer Fellows support the work of the Office during the summer. Four part-time positions are available for up to 30 hours per week. Applications for the Summer Fellows positions open X and are due March 23.

For more information about the Summer Fellows positions, contact Cris Monroy '14.

Campus Tour Guides

Term: Academic Year (Sept. – May)

Tour Guides are often the first and most important person visitors meet and remember from their time on Pomona’s campus. Tour guides lead visitors on hour-long tours of the campus. By the end of the semester, guides will have mastered the fine art of walking backwards, developed public speaking skills and learned more about Pomona than they could possibly imagine. This position employs students for up to 4 hours each week and requires that attendance at a mandatory training session. Responsibilities include leading tours as needed, including special and group tours and some Saturday tours (fall only), greeting guests and being available for admissions-related panels. The position is not open to first-years, but we strongly encourage other enthusiastic students to apply. Note: There are also a limited number of part-time tour guide positions available during the summer for up to 5 hours per week between May and August.

For more information about Tour Guide positions, contact Phoebe Blaisdell or Geraldine Castañeda.

Head Tour Guides

Head Tour Guides are the leaders for the Tour Guide program. They will work closely with Admissions Officers to hire, train and coordinate their peers. Strong candidates for the position will have shown leadership through their previous work with the Office as tour guides and will act as mentors for future guides. In addition to the responsibilities required of Tour Guides, each of the four Head Guides will have a specific focus (recruitment/training, scheduling/operations, special tours, professional development) and will work 4-6 hours each week, with additional hours available as needed for high-volume times of the year. Head Tour Guide applications are due in April.