• New students celebrating on Move-In Day by entering the gates together
    On Move-In Day, new students gather for our "Through the Gates" celebration.

Welcome to the Class of 2021!

“It is a remarkable and humbling experience to help select the next generation of Sagehens for Pomona College,” said Seth Allen, vice president and dean of admissions and financial aid. “The Admissions Committee and I were so impressed by the stories, talents and accomplishments of the thousands of incredible applicants interested in Pomona this year.”  

Pomona received a record 9,046 first-year applications, the largest number in the College’s history. In its most selective year yet, the College admitted 8.2 percent of those applicants. Eleven of these students were admitted in a previous year and deferred enrollment until this year. A Pomona College-Cambridge University Downing Scholar and a Visiting Student will also join the class.

Students admitted to the Class of 2021 come from 49 states plus the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Admitted students represent 52 nationalities, and international students comprise 11.4 percent of the class.

Domestic students of color make up the majority of the admitted class at 56.7 percent. Of these students, 15.9 percent are Asian, 12.6 percent Black/African American, 19.4 percent Latina/o and 7.7 percent multiracial. Three Native American and five Native Hawaiian students, along with an additional 42 students who claim Native heritage as part of a multiracial identity, have also been admitted.

First-generation college students – meaning neither parent has a four-year college degree – comprise 20.5 percent of the Class of 2021.