Alumni Volunteers

If you are a graduate of Pomona who wants to get involved with admissions, please visit our Alumni Admissions Volunteer page.

We welcome current students to apply for paid positions in our office as Senior Interviewers, Admissions Interns (including Summer and Winter Break Interns) and Tour Guide Coordinator. We also encourage current students to volunteer as student ambassadors (tour guides, overnight hosts and ambassadors at their high schools) who help prospective students and their families gain valuable insight into what it’s like to be a student at Pomona. As a student ambassador, you will help shape the Pomona community and meet your potential new classmates. Not to mention, you’ll gain valuable skills and experience you can apply in your next job search. For all of our work and volunteer positions, we're looking for students who are enthusiastic, responsible and have strong communication skills. Consult ClaremontConnect and look for Chirps announcing when applications are available. If you are a graduate of Pomona who wants to get involved with admissions, please visit our Alumni Admissions Volunteer page.

Paid Academic Year and Summer Positions

Senior Interviewers

Senior interviewers serve as representatives of Pomona College and help to shape the incoming class.  The position entails conducting one-on-one interviews with prospective students, speaking with admissions visitors and providing a vital student perspective in the Office of Admissions. Through the position, students gain experience in a professional work environment while learning more about the admissions process. Senior interviewers are hired for summer, fall and/or spring positions. Current juniors, whether abroad or on-campus, can apply online in November or March.  Early application submissions are strongly encouraged. For a job description, learn more about the eligibility requirements and an application timeline.

Admissions Interns

Admissions Interns are engaged students who are knowledgeable about Pomona College, have developed meaningful connections across campus and are excited to serve as the face of the College. Paid positions are available for the full school year, the winter break or the summer. School-year interns are expected to work at least 6 hours per week and one Saturday during the fall semester. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, responding to admissions email queries, coordinating hosting, assisting with diversity fly-in programs and Admitted Students Days, answering phones, assisting visitors, and leading tours. Mandatory training will take place the first week of the fall semester. Applications for the full-time winter break intern positions are available in November. Applications for the school-year intern positions are due in March.

Tour Guide Coordinator

The Tour Guide Coordinator provides support for the tour guide program. The position requires 6 hours per week; hours are flexible and include occasional Saturday work. Experienced Tour Guides are preferred for this position. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, recruiting and training tour guides, coordinating tour schedules and routes for on-campus programs, preparing packets and letters for special tour groups, conducting tours, and assisting with Admitted Students Days planning and execution.

Summer Interns

Summer Interns support the work of the office and serve as Tour Guides during the summer, from late May through August. One full-time position is available for up to 40 hours per week and one part-time position is available for 20 hours per week. On-campus housing is not included but may be arranged. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to conducting tours, preparing packets and letters for special tour groups, answering phones and greeting visitors, and assisting admissions staff with programs and projects. Applications for the summer intern positions are available in February and are due in March.

Student Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering with the Office of Admissions is a great way to gain work experience, build your résumé and prepare to apply for a paid position with our office. You can apply and commit to more than one ambassador program at a time, each of which require a semester’s commitment (except as noted).

Campus Tour Guide

Tour guides are often the first and most important person visitors meet and remember from their time on Pomona’s campus. Tour guides lead visitors on hour-long tours of the campus. By the end of the semester, you will have mastered the fine art of walking backwards, developed your public speaking skills and learned more about Pomona than you could possibly imagine. This position requires that you attend a mandatory training session, lead at least one tour per week, and volunteer to help lead special tours and some Saturday tours (fall only). The position is not open to first-years, but we strongly encourage other enthusiastic students to apply. Applications are available in late August.

Overnight Hosting

Every year, about 10 percent of Pomona's applicants visit campus and enjoy staying overnight in a residence hall with a current student. First-year students often make the best hosts because they share much in common with prospective students and usually have an innate sense of the college jitters that their guests may feel. This position requires that you attend a mandatory training session, agree to host prospective students throughout the academic year and ensure a safe and productive visit for our overnight guests. Hosting begins October 1 and runs Monday-Thursday nights.

Take Pomona Home

This is a fun way to share your Pomona College experience with high school students when you go back home over winter or summer break. We don't expect you to be an expert on admissions. Instead, Take Pomona Home provides a way for you to help younger students learn more about Pomona College by sharing your own story about how you found Pomona, why you chose it and what your college experiences have been like. This position requires that you attending a mandatory training session where you will be provided with informational admissions materials for your presentation. To volunteer as a Take Pomona Home ambassador, please email Tina Brooks and we will be in touch with you about a training session day and time.