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Sagehen Connect Highlights Include:

  • Access to Pomona’s official alumni directory with multiple search options. 
  • Choose what information you want share in your profile and opt out at any time.
  • Set up your login with email, LinkedIn, Google, Apple or Facebook.
  • Easily integrate your LinkedIn information with your profile.
  • Register as a Sage Coach through the Sagepost47 program to help alumni or students with career and graduate school advising, job and internship search, resume review or other mentoring needs. You can also volunteer for career panels, presentations and more. You choose your level of involvement.
  • Nominate a fellow Sagehen or yourself to participate in the Return to Pomona program.
  • Upload photos and create photo albums of Sagehen gatherings, class reunions or your time at Pomona.
  • Join Regional Alumni Chapter Groups.
  • Read the Pomona College Magazine Class Notes and Obituaries.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Sagehen Connect?

Sagehen Connect is desktop, laptop and mobile friendly. Get your Sagehen Connect login set up here.

Can I use Sagehen Connect on my mobile phone?

Sagehen Connect is mobile friendly and easy to use on your mobile phone or tablet. Start by navigating your mobile browser (e.g., Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) to the Sagehen Connect landing page. Save the page to your bookmarks or home screen for quick access.

Is there a fee to use Sagehen Connect?

There is no fee to use Sagehen Connect.

Who can access Sagehen Connect?

Pomona College alumni and current students have access. Alumni are not able to see or search for students. Students are able to see and search for alumni for advice-seeking purposes.

Can I opt out?

Absolutely. Simply email optout@pomona.edu or call 1-888-SAGEHEN and let us know you would like to be removed from Sagehen Connect. It may take up to three business days to complete your request.

Once the opt-out is completed, your information will not be visible or searchable. If you change your mind at any time, please call the number above or email sagehen.connect@pomona.edu and request to be added back.

What is the College’s Privacy Policy?

Read more about the College’s Privacy Policy.

What personal information is visible to user prior to setting up a login?

Information displayed for alumni and students who have not established their Sagehen Connect login may include:

  • Name
  • Class year
  • Major
  • Pomona College affinities (e.g., sports played)
  • Email address
  • Employer
  • Occupation
  • Employer city, state and country

Can I edit, hide or unhide personal information?

Log in and edit and update your profile in Sagehen Connect at any time. To hide or unhide your information, go to Settings and select Privacy. Need help? Email sagehen.connect@pomona.edu or call 1-888-SAGEHEN.​​​​​

Can I message others from Sagehen Connect?

Yes, you can message people via email or social media, depending on the user information available.

Can I find deceased alumni in the Sagehen Connect Directory?

Yes, deceased alumni are listed in the Sagehen Connect Directory.

How do I connect my Sagehen Connect account with my LinkedIn account?

From the Sagehen Connect landing page, click the Get Started button. On the registration box, select the LinkedIn button and follow the steps to connect your LinkedIn account with Sagehen Connect. This will enable you to pull your LinkedIn information into your Sagehen Connect profile. See more detailed instructions on the Sagehen Connect platform support site.

Can I connect my Sagehen Connect account with other social media accounts?

Yes. If you prefer, you can also register with your Facebook, Apple or Google account instead of LinkedIn, or use your own email and password. Simply select the account you want to use from the registration box when you set up your Sagehen Connect account.​

Where can I find more detailed support information for Sagehen Connect?

Please visit the Sagehen Connect support site to find detailed instructions for and information about ​using the platform. You can also reach this site by clicking on "Technical Support" when logged in to Sagehen Connect.