Class Day Dinner Ticket Order Instructions

To order tickets for the Class Day Dinner on Saturday May 13, 2023, 5:30 p.m., on Marston Quad, please visit the Pomona College Ticketing page. The Class Day Dinner follows the Class Day Award Program (4 p.m.), which does not require tickets.

The images below show what the steps will look like as you place your ticket order and include instructions for reference.

This is not an order form. All orders must be made online.

  1. Click on the Login/Register button on the upper right corner of the window. Family members and students should both choose “General Public” from the options.
  2. Select the “Register” tab on the right of the pop-up box. Enter the Pomona College email address for the graduating student (ex. Confirm the graduating student’s email address and set a password for your account. All orders for this student will need to use the same password. Students: Do not use your SSO password to maintain confidentiality of your student records.
  3. Use the drop-down menus on the right to select the total number of tickets (including one for the graduate) that you require. This should include any complimentary tickets that are available to your student. Click “Select Seats.”
  4. Your student’s complimentary tickets will show on the “Grad Comps (3 Max)” line and all other tickets will be listed below with the corresponding price. If the order looks correct, enter your payment information and click “Pay.”
  5. This page will confirm the total number of purchased and complimentary tickets for this order. Any prior orders you may have placed will not appear in a new order confirmation.

Once your online order is completed, your student should receive a confirmation email from Pomona College summarizing this order. If for any reason you require help with your ticket order, please feel free to contact the Bridges Auditorium box office by email at