Campus Emergency Communications

Everbridge Mass Notification

Everbridge Mass Notification is an emergency notification service that enables Campus Safety to notify you quickly about a major emergency on campus and to provide you with information and instructions. Messages are sent via email, text and recorded message to campus phone extensions. Students, faculty and staff with a campus phone extension and college email are already in the Everbridge database. To add a cell phone number and/or home number, log on to the campus portal at and click on the Everbridge link. All contact information included in Everbridge will be used ONLY for campus emergency notification and will NOT be made available to any other service.


LiveSafe is a free app that improves communication between students, faculty, staff and campus police and allows for faster emergency response in distress situations. By having access to the latest safety information, our goal is to help build a safe campus, together. The app allows students, faculty and staff to: 

  • Report tips anonymously to campus safety.
  • Let friends or family monitor you as you walk home, so you have to walk alone.
  • Receive real-time safety alerts from campus police to your phone.

Here's how you can get the app:

  1. Visit the iTunes or Google Play store depending on your smartphone and download the "LiveSafe" app (blue shield icon).
  2. Choose "Pomona College" from the list of schools that appears once you've downloaded.
  3. Fill in your emergency name and contact info so we can get in touch in the event of an emergency. 

Campus Public Alert System

Pomona College has 49 emergency alert broadcast stations located throughout the campus that can be used as a public address system. In an emergency, they will be used to broadcast warning tones and short messages. The stations with emergency phones, which are topped by blue lights, can also connect a user directly to Campus Safety when the red button is pushed.

Emergency Website

In the event of an emergency, regular updates will be posted our on-campus Emergency Web, at