Application of Knowledge and Skills from Major Field of Study: What theories, concepts, and/or skills have you learned in your classes that will apply in this internship? Apply in a real world setting?

  1. All my film studies classes' close-reading and visual analysis skills will be put to use in this internship. My classroom experience of analyzing points of identification, narrative structure, framing and the politics/ideology behind these decisions will come into play as I make acquisition recommendations.
  2. Through my ID 1 class I have learned to critically evaluate and synthesize information. During my internship I hope to develop and refine these skills. My methods will include 1) Researching relevant topics related to my employer’s industry. 2) Writing an intern handbook to help future interns navigate company policies and responsibilities. Cite additional classes specific to your field of study. 
  3. My mathematics classes have taught me the importance of critical thinking and thinking through a problem comprehensively to find a solution. Over the course of this internship, I believe I will be able to apply the skills I have learned to predict future revenues and analyze other financial outcomes.

New Skills and/or Knowledge Acquisition: List new skills or knowledge you hope to gain through your internship experience? These can be soft, personal or professional skills, more comprehensive knowledge of an industry.

  1. I wish to practice translating academic analysis into commercially oriented analysis, and to think about where the two are similar, and where they are different. I would especially like to practice these analytical skills in a team context, such that my analysis interacts with others. This will be facilitated by the team conference calls with our superior discussing our analysis for the week.
  2. I hope to refine my Microsoft Excel and public speaking skills. I will work toward my goals of refining my Microsoft Excel skills by participating in office trainings, checking-in with my supervisor and/or colleagues weekly to learn new functions and formulas relevant to my work. I will work toward my goals of refining my public speaking skills by attending presentations to observe characteristics of strong public speakers, preparing materials for weekly meetings and speaking up when I have an idea I think is useful to the group. 
  3. I have always been curious about the inner workings of the golf industry. My time at the PGA Tour will give me a better understanding of the sports industry in general and the golf industry in particular. During this internship, I hope to home my networking and communication skills by interacting with managers in the industry.

Career Development Goals: Explain your current career goals and how you think this internship will further those goals. What attributes do you think you need to develop to be successful in that career?

  1. I would like to work in precisely this field upon graduation, analyzing film and/or scripts for distributors and marketers, but potentially also for news outlets. I will need work experience in the field to generate an impressive portfolio that will demonstrate my professionalism outside of a college setting -- which this internship will provide.
  2. I will work toward my goal of gaining a clearer understanding of the specific skills and attributes needed to be successful as an Emergency Room nurse. I will volunteer for shifts in the ER and attend required trainings. I will conduct informational interviews with ER nurses. I will demonstrate the skills I learn during my shifts. I will schedule an appointment with a career counselor to discuss my goals. I will join relevant professional associations.
  3. My goal is to work in the sports industry after graduation. This internship will give me valuable experience related to the golf industry and further exposure to other facets of the sports industry and thus further my career in sports management.

Liberal Arts Application and Personal Growth Goals: How will this opportunity help you to clarify your professional aspirations, deepen your values, expand your interests and help you to achieve your full potential?

  1. Flix Premiere's focus on supporting underseen indie cinema is a value I share, and the internship will help me see how that value can be practiced in a commercially viable way. I would especially like to sharpen my sensibilities about the politics of the entertainment we consume, and how that will/should inform acquisition decisions.
  2. I will learn to have an appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives. I will work toward meeting my goal of having an appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives by, intentionally meeting with people from diverse backgrounds other than my own, attending events that are outside of my regular routine and comfort zone, demonstrating sensitivity to alternative views and perspectives, and reflect on observations from my internship site.
  3. During the course of this internship, I will meet people from all across the world which will give me an appreciation of the diversity that exists in the golf industry and provide me opportunities to develop my communications skills with people from different backgrounds.