Critical Inquiry Seminar (ID1)

Critical Inquiry seminars are required for first-year students in their first semester at the College. The approximately 30 sections are taught by faculty from across the disciplines and engage students in rigorous reading, writing and discussion on varied topics chosen by professors.

In Critical Inquiry seminars (commonly referred to as ID1 classes) students collaborate with peers to revise, develop and refine their drafts, incorporating feedback from their professors and ID1 interns as well. Critical Inquiry students read deeply, discuss actively, and engage in independent research. All this work—on fascinating topics, to boot—prepares students for the rigor of Pomona.

You will be informed of your seminar placement during Orientation in August.

Please view our Catalog for more information.

Some examples include:

  • I Disagree
  • On Fiction
  • Color and its Affects
  • Building the Future
  • Borders and Belonging in Latinx America
  • Science and the Public's Health
  • Lose Thyself
  • The Art and Aesthetics of the Islamic Middle East
  • Theatre in an Age of Climate Change