Student Employment

Student employment at Pomona College is open to all students, regardless of whether they are eligible to receive financial aid. More than half of all students at Pomona work on campus at some time during the academic year. You must be enrolled at least half time (1.5 credits) and have eligibility to work in the United States to participate in the Student Employment Program. 

The Office of Financial Aid partners with the Career Development Office (CDO) to establish jobs with agencies both on and off campus to provide students with a wide range of opportunities. Students are responsible for finding their own jobs and are welcome to apply for available positions, which are posted through the Career Development Office in late August and on the online system, Handshake

Required I-9, W-4 & Institutional Form

The Financial Aid Office requires any student considering working on or off campus to complete the Student Employment Agreement Form. Under federal employment regulations, students planning to work on campus must complete an Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9). In order to complete the form, identification must be provided to establish identity and employment eligibility. Generally, students submit a driver’s license and social security card or a passport for identification purposes. First-year students or returning students who have never before worked on campus should meet with Human Resources to present original identification (no copies) for completion of the I-9 before any hours are worked. 

Payroll Responsibilities

To be paid, you must complete a payroll time sheet every two weeks. You should complete and sign your Kronos time sheet in a timely manner for your supervisor’s signature. Your supervisor will submit a signed time sheet to the Payroll Office. Time sheets submitted after the due date or which are incomplete will result in a two-week delay in the issuance of a paycheck. If a student does not receive a paycheck (or direct deposit stub), or has a problem with his/her check, they should speak directly to the Payroll Office in the Business Office. 

The Payroll Office strongly encourages you to take advantage of the free direct deposit service available to all employees. Students who chose this option will not have to worry about lost or stolen checks. You do not need to have a local bank account to take advantage of direct deposit. Funds will be electronically transferred to a bank account of your choice on each bi-weekly payday. For questions regarding payroll procedures, please contact the Payroll office at