Barbara B. Smith ’42 Grant

The Barbara B. Smith ’42 Grant is made possible through a trust created by Pomona Music major Barbara B. Smith (1920-2021). One of the early members of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Dr. Smith went on to establish non-Western music in the curriculum at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa and to mentor generations of scholars and world music educators.

The grant is intended to support opportunities for experiencing off-campus instruction, workshops, and conferences in ethnomusicology and/or opportunities involving direct contact with non-Western music in settings beyond the college classroom. The grant may be awarded to one or more students annually, through application.

In the review of applications, the following factors will be considered, as appropriate: 1) the extent to which the opportunity offers an experience substantially different from what is available through the Claremont Colleges; 2) how the opportunity facilitates progress toward or sharing of original ethnomusicological research; 3) extraordinary expenses, such as travel, that often accompany direct experiences of non-Western music; and 4) the applicant’s potential trajectory as a scholar and/or performer of a non-Western musical tradition. While Music majors receive preference, undergraduate students from any of the Claremont Colleges who are active participants in the Pomona College Music Department are eligible to apply.

To apply, submit the following in writing to Prof. Gibb Schreffler by September 15 (for November-May opportunities) or April 1 (for June-October opportunities). In a single document, include the following:

  • A summary of your activity in the Pomona College Music Department, including enrollment in ensembles, applied music lessons, and other courses
  • The dates, location(s), and nature of the project or opportunity
  • The exact amount of financial support being requested, with each expense itemized (e.g. “program cost,” “roundtrip airfare,” “3 nights’ lodging”)
  • 300-600 words discussing how the opportunity would enrich your studies at the Claremont Colleges, and how it would better prepare you for the future
  • Information about other potential sources of funding: gifts through other campus organizations, personal savings, parental support, etc.
  • Any deadlines associated with bookings or application to programs that we should know about

Prospective applicants may contact Prof. Schreffler if they have questions about the grant or if they would like advice on crafting their application.