McCord/Elliott-Lindstrom Memorial Grants Application Process

Annual grants awarded in memory of the pianist/critic Bertha Clendenen McCord and of Nancy Gordon Elliott '46 and E. Roy Lindstrom to one or more especially promising student musicians, preferably Music Majors, to provide added enrichment to their study of music by helping support their participation in summer music programs before graduation. These programs should offer experiences substantially different from what is available through The Claremont Colleges. Undergraduate students from any of The Claremont Colleges who are active participants in the program offered by the Pomona College Music Department are eligible to apply.

Application, to cover both awards, should be made in writing to the Prof. Genevieve Lee of the Pomona College Music Department by Monday March 6, 2023 and include the following information:

  • a summary of the applicant’s participation in music, including enrollment in ensembles, applied music lessons and other courses offered by the Pomona College Music Department;
  • the dates, location, and nature of the summer program;
  • the exact amount of financial support being requested, with an itemized list;
  • a statement discussing how the program would enrich the applicant's studies at The Claremont Colleges, and how it would better prepare the applicant for the future;
  • information about other potential sources of funding (e.g. awards from other campus organizations, personal savings, parental support);
  • the deadline for deciding whether to attend the program.