Psychology Faculty
Richard Lewis
Richard S. Lewis
Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology; Chair of Psychology
Lincoln Hall 2100
(909) 607-2445
Guadalupe Bacio
Guadalupe A. Bacio
Assistant Professor of Psychology and Chicano/a Latino/a Studies
Lincoln Hall 2104
(909) 607-1024
Jessica Borelli
Jessica Borelli
Associate Professor of Psychology; On leave Spring 2017
Lincoln Hall 2107
(909) 607-3757
Raymond Buriel
Raymond Buriel
Harry S. and Madge Rice Thatcher Professor of Psychology; Professor of Chicano/a Studies
Lincoln Hall 2103
(909) 607-2249
Sharon Goto
Sharon G. Goto
Professor of Psychology and Asian American Studies
Lincoln Hall 2101
(909) 621-8854
Eric Hurley
Eric A. Hurley
Associate Professor of Psychology and Africana Studies
Lincoln Hall 2102
(909) 607-1023
Trina Keil
Katrina Keil
Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology
(909) 621-8617
Adam Pearson
Adam Pearson
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Lincoln Hall 2122
(909) 621-8418
Ajay Satpute
Ajay Bhaskar Satpute
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Affiliate Member of Neuroscience
Lincoln Hall 2105
(909) 607-2446
Shlomi Sher
Shlomi Sher
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Lincoln Hall 2106
(909) 607-0865
Patricia Smiley
(909) 607-2442
Psychology Emeriti Faculty
Suzanne Thompson
Suzanne Thompson
Emeritus Professor of Psychology
Lincoln Hall 2121
(909) 607-2227
Psychology Staff
Sandra Lundergan-Price
Academic Coordinator of Psychology
Lincoln Hall 2128
(909) 607-2227