The Downing College / Pomona College Faculty Exchange is funded by an endowment given to Pomona College for the purpose of exchange between the two institutions. Since 1998 we have offered a short-term faculty exchange program in addition to the also highly successful student exchange program. Pomona receives one pre-matriculated Downing student to attend Pomona for a year, and Downing receives one Pomona graduate to pursue a one-year M.Phil. program.

Located in Cambridge, England, Downing is a medium-sized college within the University of Cambridge system. The college has a spacious and attractive campus, situated close in the city center. There are about 50 Fellows, 200 graduate students, and about 430 undergraduates.

Under the faculty exchange program, Pomona sends one member of our faculty to visit Cambridge University for approximately three weeks. In affiliation with a particular department at Downing College, the visitor pursues a program of research at Cambridge.

The Pomona Research Committee reviews proposals and nominates a candidate. Final approval is made in consultation with the Senior Tutor at Downing College.

Each applicant should submit a fully-developed proposal, which

  1. suitably utilizes the resources of the University of Cambridge and engages the visitor in meaningful interaction with the Downing College community,
  2. includes dates for the proposed visit,
  3. provides a proposed budget to include trans-Atlantic transportation, local transportation, housing and food, and research expenses
  4. and includes a current C.V.

Downing will make arrangements for library privileges at the University of Cambridge, including appropriate college and faculty libraries and provide computer facilities if necessary. The Pomona College visitor will have Senior Common Room and college dining privileges. Depending on availability, housing will be provided at the special rate for academic visitors in a flat in the College or exceptionally in a flat in the city of Cambridge.

The best time to visit would be after Pomona's graduation in May. Because of the University's schedule, the final three weeks in June are an optimal time to be in Cambridge. Cambridge is in session until mid-June. Of course, faculty on sabbatical may propose to visit at any time, although it is best to visit during one of the three Cambridge terms.

Amount of Award

The award stipend of $10,000 may be paid to the visitor in one payment or the Dean's Office can make arrangements for a portion of the stipend to be paid directly to Downing for housing expenses. The support should be used to cover trans-Atlantic transportation, housing and food, and research expenses. These expenses can be submitted through Workday against the $10,000 award, with any remaining funds dispersed to the visitor after the visit as a stipend.

Deadline for Proposals

Proposals should be submitted by SM Apply by October 13, 2023.


The recipient will be notified in December.


Normally, Pomona faculty members on tenure track or rolling contract may apply. Faculty members are eligible for the award not more than once in any three year period.


If you have any questions about this exchange, please contact Associate Dean Pierre Englebert or Grants Administrator Andy Schuster.

You may also wish to talk to previous recipients of the Fellowship including Susan McWilliams Barndt, Jorge Moreno, Roberto Garza-Lopez, Richard Mawhorter, Helena Wall, Dwight Whitaker, Malkiat Johal, Mary Paster, Robert Gaines, Richard McKirahan, Phil Choi, Benjamin Keim, Cristina Negritto, or Ousmane Traoré.


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