Activities that Generally Require Submission to IRB

Note: Many of the Categories Here May only Require Expedited or Exempt IRB

  1. *Undergraduate Theses involving human subjects.
  2. *Pilot Studies involving human subjects.
  3. *Behavioral and Social Sciences Studies such as investigations of individual and group behavior, mental processes, or social constructs. These usually generate data by means of surveys, interviews, observations, studies of existing records where individuals might be identifiable, and/or experimental designs involving exposure to some type of stimulus or environmental intervention.
  4. Other: Clinical Investigations, Epidemiological Studies, Human Genetic Research
    1. Clinical investigations including research to increase scientific understanding about normal or abnormal physiology, disease states or development, and research to evaluate the safety, effectiveness or usefulness of a medical product, procedure, or intervention. Vaccine trials, medical device research, and cancer research are all types of clinical investigation.
    2. Epidemiological Studies such as investigations on health outcomes, interventions, disease states and conclusions about cost-effectiveness, efficacy, efficiency, interventions, or delivery of services to affected populations. This research may be conducted through surveillance, monitoring, and reporting programs. Other methods may include retrospective review of medical, public health and/or other records.
    3. Human Genetic Research such as pedigree studies, positional cloning studies, gene transfer research, longitudinal studies to associate genetic conditions with health, health care, or social outcomes, and gene frequency studies.