Moving/Relocation Policy

Pomona College will reimburse reasonable and appropriate moving expenses for tenure/tenure-track faculty and administrators in director-level positions or above. “Moving” is defined as the transport of a new employee and her/his household and personal effects from point of origin to place of residence in Southern California.

Who is Eligible

Moving allowances will be included in the offer of employment for nationally-recruited tenure/tenure-track faculty positions and staff positions of Director/Associate Dean placed in salary grade 13 and above.


Each Vice President will be required to transfer the appropriate budget for each eligible administrator to a moving account monitored by the Business Office. Salary savings available from the vacancy being filled will normally provide the necessary funding.

Allowance Based on Distance and Size of Household

The amount of a moving allowance will be determined by the distance from point of origin to place of residence in Southern California and the number of individuals in the household. The minimum number of miles for purposes of moving is 50 miles, in accordance with IRS guidelines. As a guideline, moves within California should be no more than $2,000; West Coast moves outside of California should be no more than $4,000; Midwest should be no more than $8,000 and East Coast moves should be no more than $10,000. This allowance is determined to be a supplement to moving costs and may not cover all moving or relocation expenses.

Accounting for Expenses

Upon request, the moving allowance may be given in advance of the move. Original receipts must be submitted to the Staff Accountant within 30 days of completion of the move. Unexpended portions of the moving allowance must be returned to the College during the same period of time. Qualified moving expenses incurred prior to receiving the moving allowance will be reimbursed upon presentation of original receipts.

Qualified Moving Expenses

The moving allowance is a benefit that enables a new employee to supplement a personal or family relocation budget. The College follows the moving expenses guidelines published by the IRS and recognizes only the following qualified expenses:

  • reasonable travel expenses (gas, oil, toll, airfare) using the shortest and most direct route available by conventional transportation
  • reasonable lodging between point of origin and Claremont (excluding side trips in transit)
  • personal packing
  • moving van or truck

Effective January 1, 2018, all moving allowances will be taxable to the employee per IRS guidelines.

August 2018