Math Tutor Position Description

The Math Tutor position supports PAYS scholars and when necessary, PAYS TA’s with PAYS math courses. The Math Tutor attends math classes M-Th on a rotating basis and holds late afternoon and evening homework sessions. In a typical day, the Math Tutor will spend 1.5 hours in the classroom and in the afternoons and evenings will engage in homework activities. Some of the Math Tutor’s time will be spent preparing for homework sessions by completing homework assignments. The Math Tutor is expected to participate in field trips and other activities.

Successful applicants will have a strong academic record and an open spirit that makes their contribution uniquely powerful. It is also preferable that Math Tutors have an interest in and/or experience working with high school students. Educational experience is especially helpful.

The Math Tutor is a role model and mentor to PAYS scholars. For this reason, it is critical that professionalism is maintained and good judgment is exhibited. The Math Tutor must remain sub-free throughout PAYS.

The Math Tutor can also elect to work for PAYS as a college advisor to seniors and/or by participating in college planning workshops during the fall and spring semesters. There might also be opportunities to tutor PAYS students. Preference will be given to applicants who can offer this important continuity. Math majors and students who have served as Math Mentors are strongly encouraged to apply and will be given preference. Applicants for the Math Tutor position must submit a Recommendation Form from a math faculty member.

Math Tutor Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Math Tutor are both challenging and rewarding. As the Math Tutor, in addition to what is stated above, you will be expected to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Assist PAYS participants and TAs in solving math problems.
  • Lead study and tutoring sessions after 6pm.
  • Ensure the safety and wellbeing of PAYS participants when you are in their company.
  • Support the TA’s with grading.
  • Attend Math classes and TA-led afternoon study sessions on a rotating basis.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings.
  • Reside in the PAYS residence hall from Sunday to Thursday night. All Participants and Staff will live in the WALKER RESIDENCE HALL.
  • Provide a mature influence inside and outside of the residence hall setting.
  • Serve as a guide on field-trips that occur once per week on Fridays.
  • Mentor, engage and socialize with students (including evenings).
  • Participate in a one week training and pre-program preparation from June 11th - June 21st. Opening Day is Sunday, June 23rd. The program ends on Friday, July 19th for the high school students and Saturday, July 20th after 5pm for YOU.
  • Write an end-of-program report and provide feedback on any PAYS students mentored by the conclusion of the program.
  • This is a time-consuming position that takes up days and nights (and sometimes weekends – for planning). The job requires sincere and sustained commitment, but it is also FUN and rewarding!