SILP Student Expectations

Pomona College’s SILP program offers students with excellent language skills an opportunity to study languages not currently offered in classroom courses at any of the 5Cs. The program admits highly-motivated students with a record of past success in language learning. Students admitted to the program normally have done very well in previous language courses, have completed the language requirement of their college, and demonstrate readiness to undertake independent work.

Languages Currently Offered

  • Persian
  • Swahili

Course Requirements

  • Course limited to five students per section.
  • Attendance is required. Maximum three absences allowed.
  • Attend a minimum of 10 language tables. Please consult the language table schedule for your language.

Course Format

1. Seven to 10 hours per week of independent study using a combination of textbooks, workbooks, audio and video materials, software, and online materials (course components vary by language).

2. Two class sessions per week with a native speaker language coach.

3. A midterm and final written exam (with an oral component) prepared and graded by a faculty member in the relevant field at an accredited university.

4. Students must also work well independently, take responsibility for their own learning, and organize time wisely.

Course Credit Information

Each course is offered for .5 credit P/NC basis.

Grading Breakdown

  • – Final (written and oral combined): 40%
  • – Midterm: 30%
  • – Class participation: 15%
  • – Table attendance: 15%

Additional Information

  • Language coaches hold one office hour per week.
  • Further conversation practice with the Foreign Language Partners in the FLRC is highly suggested.

Who May Enroll

SILP at Pomona College is currently a pilot program. Enrollment is limited to 10 students with a limit of 5 students per section.

First-semester students are not eligible for SILP.

Students must have satisfied their college’s foreign language requirement. If a college does not have such a requirement, then students must have completed 3 semesters of a college-level language. SILP is intended to enhance, not replace, offerings of existing language programs at The Claremont Colleges.

Students interested in enrolling should visit our application page.

Students with previous language experience will need to take a placement exam; contact Oldenborg for more information.

SILP courses are suitable for beginners or near beginners, but not for students who already posses an intermediate or advanced proficiency in the language, including those who speak a language but wish to learn to read and write.