47 Things to Do: COVID-19 Edition

47 Things To Do: COVID-19 Edition

(in no particular order)

  1. Get a receipt for the total quantity of $47.47 for your purchase
  2. Donate $47 to a charity
  3. Spot a reference to Pomona on Star Trek: The Next Generation (47, The Borg, etc.)
  4. Watch a movie filmed on the Pomona campus   
  5. Walk/run/jog for 47 continuous minutes
  6. Take a screenshot of your phone at 47% battery
  7. Write a Pomona-themed poem or haiku
  8. Make your own personal Walker Wall—decorate as appropriate
  9. Mix your own Sagehen cocktail (alcohol optional)
  10. Read a book written by a Pomona alumnus/a
  11. Read a book written by a Pomona professor
  12. Have a picnic with Cecil in your back yard or local park
  13. Listen to a Sagecast episode
  14. Share something in the 47 Society Facebook page  
  15. Listen to or watch (virtually) a performance by a Pomona arts group  
  16. Visit the new Benton Museum of Art
  17. Take a selfie with Cecil in your town’s biggest local landmark and share on social media or with Sagehen friends
  18. Make a video or write a story of your Pomona experience to share with future generations
  19. Watch a movie produced, directed by, or starring a Pomona alumnus/a
  20. Listen to a KSPC broadcast online
  21. Subscribe to TSL
  22. Post your class year’s motto on any social media platform without explanation
  23. Build a scale model of your first-year dorm
  24. Mail a handwritten letter to someone in your sponsor group (Yes, snail-mail)
  25. Send an email to your favorite Pomona College faculty member
  26. Make a version of your favorite Dining Hall meal at home
  27. Go outdoors and “CHIRP” as loud as you can
  28. Create your own OA trip in your local town
  29. Watch the sunset while listening to U2’s “The Joshua Tree”
  30. Visit an LA Art Museum virtually
  31. Make your own version of the In-N-Out Double-Double
  32. Post a picture of your first-year Pomona College I.D.
  33. Catch a game played by a local LA Sports Team
  34. Create and display your own “Hollywood” sign at home
  35. Make or buy a meal for a stranger
  36. Do a mock interview with a student online through the CDO
  37. Find a random 47 in the wild
  38. Log in to Sagehen Connect and connect with someone you don’t already know
  39. Download and use a Pomona College virtual background  
  40. Take a selfie wearing all your Pomona swag and share it on social media or with Sagehen friends
  41. Solve the NYT Crossword puzzle; find a Pomona reference
  42. Read this year’s first-year book
  43. Make your own Pomona-themed face mask
  44. Find, read and critique your thesis or senior paper
  45. Play virtual meeting bingo  
  46. Reach out to someone on the Alumni Association Board  
  47. Shop at the Coop Store