Letter from the Transfer Dean

July 2023

Dear Transfers,

I am so excited to welcome you to Pomona College!

As the Junior Class Dean, I am also the primary point of contact in the Dean of Students office for all students who transfer in as sophomores or juniors. I hope to meet many of you early in the academic year to support your transition to Pomona.

Transferring to a residential liberal arts college is a unique experience. You will have so many opportunities and resources available to you at Pomona, but you may also feel a sense of urgency in establishing yourself academically and socially. I hope to support you in making connections with your professors, understanding academic policies, managing your academic progression, and engaging in the Pomona community. I will also be there for you when you feel overwhelmed, and I hope that you may find me as a resource to help you navigate various challenges you may face in the upcoming year.

The next year will be pivotal in your academic, co-curricular, and personal endeavors. I hope to provide you with opportunities to take stock of where you are, take care of yourselves and others, and take off from the foundation you create. I look forward to meeting you and supporting you throughout the next year.

Take care,

Dean McDinger


June 2023

Dear new transfer students,

Welcome to Pomona College!

Throughout the summer, we will be offering a series of webinars to introduce you to some of the individuals and offices that will be supporting you in your academic transition. Please save the date for the following programs:

Tuesday, June 6 – Welcome to Pomona College

  • Introduction to Dean of Students Office, Academic Affairs, Registrar’s Office

Tuesday, June 20 – Introduction to Liberal Arts Curriculum at Pomona

  • Overview of credit transfer process, graduation requirements, and academic policies

Tuesday, June 27 – Vet Connect

  • Introduction to resources available to veteran students

Tuesday, August 8 – Introduction to Academic Advising and Course Registration preview

  • Discuss advisor assignment, connecting with advisors, what to expect from course registration

Take care,
Dean McDinger