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International Relations Lounge

The IR Lounge is located in Hahn 103. Keys are available to senior majors through Evelyn Khalili, Carnegie 106.

Oldenborg Center

The Oldenborg Center for Modern Languages and International Relations was founded to provide students with a living experience of international education. Each year, around 145 students choose to live in foreign language sections that are devoted to programs focusing on six cultures and languages - Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

Oldenborg Center sponsors a wide variety of international and intercultural activities. These activities, which are open to the entire college community, include an International Relations Colloquium, an International Film Series, language lunch tables, and international dinners. These activities offer unique opportunities to communicate in a foreign language and to learn about international communities.

Each language section is assisted by a native-speaking graduate Language Resident, whose apartment and lounge are located within the language area. The language lounges are stocked with numerous periodicals and books, as well as a VCR and TV with Satellite broadcast for foreign news and other programming. The Language Residents hold conversation classes and help organize study breaks and cultural events for interested students and Oldenborg residents.

The Oldenborg Center also houses the Virginia Glass Memorial Library, open 24 hours, an International Theatre, two computer labs, and several ethernet-linked computers for student use.

Pacific Basin Institute

The Pacific Basin Institute at Pomona College is a non-profit California corporation founded a quarter century ago, PBI is dedicated to expanding and enhancing comity and shared knowledge among the nations and cultures that face on the great ocean. Since moving to Claremont in 1997, PBI has become a valued study, media production and research center for this distinguished liberal arts college, while retaining its 501(c)3 independent status for a variety of out-reach projects. Since the turn of the past century Pomona College has been a leader in Asian Studies among American universities. PBI's arrival on campus has greatly extended their scope. Besides its participation in student and faculty projects on campus, PBI also offers books, films and lecture programs to a general as well as academic audience.

Study Abroad

Pomona College has long embraced the philosophy that the cultural awareness fostered through foreign study is part of a liberal arts education.

Pomona College offers sixty study abroad programs in thirty-four countries for its own students. Approximately half of Pomona students study abroad before graduating. To assure equal access, the College charges the same fees for a semester or year abroad as for a semester or year spent on campus and extends financial aid allowances to cover the time abroad.

The Office of International & Domestic Programs maintains a resource library with program information and keeps evaluations by former participants for each program. After consulting these materials, students may make an advising appointment with an International & Domestic Programs staff member to discuss study abroad options. The office also maintains a collection of general travel literature and materials relating to passport and visa procedures, health issues, and transportation.

European Union Center

The European Union Center of California is based at Scripps College and conducts its programs cooperatively with the other members of The Claremont Colleges and other academic institutions in California and the western United States. In addition to hosting the Annual Undergraduate Research Conference on the European Union and offering students opportunities to study and intern in the EU, the Center sponsors a curriculum in European Union Studies. The EU Studies Program consists of the completion of four European studies courses, proficiency in a European language, attendance of 3 EU Center events, and a minimum GPA of 9.00. Students completing the requirements will receive a Letter of Commendation from the EU Center of California upon graduation. The European Union Center of California was founded in 1998 with the assistance of the European Commission.

Pitzer's Center for Intercultural and Language Education

Through the study of language and culture and through firsthand experience in communities worldwide, Pitzer College's Center for Intercultural and Language Education is a resource for intellectual discovery, integrating constructive learning with social responsibility.

Foreign Languages at Pomona College

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