Music Department performance parking is available on N. College Avenue, as well as on city streets west of N. College Avenue, including Bonita Avenue and Fourth Street. Free campus parking is available in the First Street Parking Structure (F), located east of Little Bridges on Columbia Ave. and best parking for our outdoor concerts in Sontag Greek Theatre.

For our patrons with limited mobility:

Limited Mobility Special Permit spaces — for concert parking only — are available on the Fourth Street extension just east of Bridges Hall of Music (D). These permits are for those without disability placards or license plates. For information or to obtain a permit, call 909-607-2671 during office hours, M-F 9am-4pm.

Disabled Placard parking has also been recently enhanced with spaces opened on Fourth St. extension in front of Thatcher Music Building (C) for use during concerts. The marked spaces are located just east of N. College Ave., and are for use by vehicles displaying valid, state-issued disability placards or license plates. The Sumner Hall Lot (E), east of Bridges Hall of Music off College Way, is also available for disabled parking.

Please note: Fourth Street EXT parking is not available for outdoor concerts on the Bridges Hall of Music patio or during Alumni Weekend.

For questions or problems, please contact us during business hours at 909-621-8155 or 909-607-2671. View directions to Pomona College.