It is the student's responsibility to notify faculty of the approved academic accommodations.  If you have a student from the other Claremont Colleges, you can contact their Dean of Students Office to verify their academic accommodations.

Academic accommodations should maintain the academic integrity of the courses and the academic program as a whole while attempting to meet the student's needs.  Pomona College does not routinely waive academic requirements for students with disabilities.  Rather, our policy is to assist the student in his or her efforts to meet Pomona's requirements by making reasonable accommodations. Learn more about implementing the academic accommodations.

If you would like to have more discussions about disabilities and academic accommodations, the Disability Coordinator is available to meet individually or with your department.

Sample Statement for Course Syllabi

Pomona College is committed to making all courses accessible for everyone. If you need academic accommodations, please contact the Dean of Students office and visit the accommodation services page for more information about how the accommodation process works. I encourage you to come talk to me about your accommodations. As a Pomona faculty member, I am dedicated to supporting all students in my courses and making this course accessible for everyone.