A Chronological Outline for Faculty Recruiting: Continuous Appointments

Even though the timetable for each search may be different, the typical time for each step is indicated in parentheses.

Development of Job Advertisement (late spring or early summer)

From the point at which the search is authorized, the department should begin a conversation with the Dean's office about the nature of the job description.

Outreach for Diversity (late spring or early summer)

From the point at which the search is authorized, the department should begin outreach efforts in order to create the most diverse candidate pool possible.  Shortly after the search has been authorized, each searching department will be provided with a “Graduate Program Outreach Worksheet” tailored for their search.  Departments will be asked to report odn their Outreach progress twice: (i) at the submission of Search Report I, and (ii) at the submission of Search Report II.

Search Process Meeting with Deans (late summer)

After the search has been authorized, a meeting of all chairs who will be conducting searches, and the department Academic Department Coordinators will be scheduled to discuss guidelines and expectations. The Dean and Associate Dean/Diversity Officer will review search procedures.

Job Advertisement

Starting in ’17-’18, the Job Ad can be approved before the Faculty Search Report I (see below) is approved. Simply send the text to Nicole Weekes (nweekes@pomona.edu) and to Stacie Takase (Stacie.Takase@pomona.edu).

Faculty Search Report I & Search Budget Worksheet I (summer or early fall)

The department must submit Faculty Search Report I [pdf] to the Dean and the Associate Dean/Diversity Officer before any candidate files are reviewed for the search. Faculty Search Report I asks for the following 8 items:

  1. ground rules for the search,
  2. a search timetable,
  3. text of the job advertisement,
  4. the constitution of the search committee (This includes two student members and one external faculty member), and the voting policy for the students (e.g., 1 vote for each student vs. 1 vote for both students together)
  5. an outreach, advertising plan and budget,
  6. a description of the screening process (i.e., The Matrix of weightings of Teaching, Research, Service and Mentoring Diversity),
  7. a general format for the campus visits.
  8. anticipated space needs

Once the Dean's Office informs the search committee chair that Part I of the Faculty Search Report has been approved, the department may begin evaluating candidate files. The job ad must be placed in one printed journal as well as the most appropriate web-based venues. Since the full ad will automatically be posted on the college's employment website, it is permissible and indeed preferable to use abbreviated language in the web-based ads, referring potential candidates to the Pomona Employment page. At this point the department should submit Search Budget Worksheet I [pdf] 

Meeting with the Diversity Officer (September)

Each department involved in a search will meet with the Associate Dean/Diversity Officer to discuss search strategies and procedures. The search chair should contact the Associate Dean/Diversity Officer to arrange this meeting. The meeting is typically timed to coincide with a regular department meeting. The department's academic coordinator should be included at least in the discussion of procedures. It would be ideal (but not required) to have the student members and the external member also attend this meeting.

Faculty Search Report II and Search Budget Worksheet II (late fall)

The department must submit Faculty Search Report II [pdf] to the Dean and the Diversity Officer at the point at which a long, short list (10 top candidates), has been chosen.  At the time that SRII is submitted, the chair or academic coordinator should also schedule meetings for each of the Top 3 candidates (even though their names will not yet be known) with the Dean and the President, given that both of their schedules tend to be impacted far in advance. A meeting should then be scheduled between the chair, Dean and Diversity Officer to review the long, short list.  This meeting should occur before the Top 3 candidates are chosen. Faculty Search Report II asks for diversity data, the composition of the candidate pool, and an annotated list of the top ten candidates. Each entry should include a brief justification for the candidate's position in the list of Top 10. Access to the dossiers of the top ten candidates must accompany Search Report II [pdf]. Once Search Report II has been approved, the chair should schedule another meeting with the department to construct a recommended short list of three candidates.  This short list should be sent via e-mail to the Dean and Diversity Officer, who must approve it in writing before candidates can be invited for campus interviews. Search Budget Worksheet II [pdf] must be submitted as soon as the travel arrangements have been made.

Meeting with the Deans (late fall - late winter)

After submitting Faculty Search Report II, the search committee chair meets with the Dean and the Diversity Officer to discuss the Top 10 list. In order to prepare for this meeting, the Deans will need 4 to 5 days to review the long short list and dossiers. Contact Leslie Elias-Volz (Leslie.Elias-Volz@pomona.edu) in the Dean's Office well in advance to set this meeting. After the Top 3 list is approved in writing (email or paper) by the Dean and the Diversity Officer, candidates may be invited for campus interviews. In a campus interview, the candidates must meet with the department, the student members of the search committee, the Dean and the President and other interested parties. Please see the section in the “Guidelines” with important details regarding campus visits.

Faculty Search Report, Part III (early spring)

Before any offers can be made, the department must submit Faculty Search Report III [pdf] to the Dean and the Associate Dean/Diversity Officer for their approval. Faculty Search Report III asks for a two-part recommendation, indicating

  • which of the candidates who have visited campus are acceptable and how the department ranks them and,
  • which candidates are not acceptable and why.

Making an Offer (early spring)

After the Dean and the Associate Dean/Diversity Officer have approved Part III of the Faculty Search Report, the Dean discusses the recommendation with the President. If an offer is authorized, the Dean, in consultation with the department chair, will make an offer to the successful candidate and negotiate the terms of the appointment.