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Seth Allen, Vice President for Strategy & Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Seth Allen


California: Santa Barbara & Ventura County
International: Europe, the Middle East

About Seth

Hometown: Boston, MA
College major: Economics (and lots of creative writing)
Favorite spots: Marston Quad at dusk when the lights are on and the sunset is technicolor, and, off campus, my cabin in the North Maine Woods
Hobbies/Activities: Walking the great cities and spots of the world
What’s on your plate and in your cup? Mediterranean fare and my morning coffee
Fun fact: I have an identical twin.

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Adam Sapp, Senior Associate Dean & Director of Admissions

Adam Sapp


States & Territories: American Samoa, Guam, Hawaii, Northern Mariana Islands
California: East San Fernando Valley
International: Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and all other international areas not otherwise assigned 

About Adam

Hometown: Danville, OH
College major: History
Favorite spot: The History Department Library in Mason Hall
What’s in your cup? Coffee: Venti Bold with room for 2% please
Fun fact: I am a rural kid—I grew up in a very small farm town in the Midwest.

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Joel A. Hart, Associate Dean of Admissions

Joel Hart


States & Cities: New York City, Virginia
California: San Francisco County
International: Canada, Oceania (Australia/New Zealand)

About Joel

Hometown: Nashville, TN
College majors: Political Science and Religious Studies
Favorite spots: Skyspace on campus and Sonoma County, CA off campus
Hobbies/Activities: Board and card games
What’s in your cup? Black coffee
Fun fact: I once (and only once) appeared on Jeopardy!

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Ashley Pallie, Associate Dean of Admissions

Ashley Pallie


States, Territories & Cities: Alaska, Chicago, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Washington, D.C.
California: Claremont
International: Africa, the Caribbean

About Ashley

Hometown: Southern California
College majors: Psychology and Music
Favorite spots: Anywhere outdoors
Hobbies/Activities: Reading, watching Game of Thrones and traveling
What’s on your plate? Trinidadian food
Fun fact: My 80-pound Labrador retriever/pit bull-mix dog (a labrabull) and 10-pound cat are best friends. 

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Chris Teran, Associate Dean of Admissions

Chris Teran


States: Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Texas (North and Central)
California: Contra Costa County

About Chris

Hometown: Bisbee, AZ
College major: Sociology
Favorite spots: The Sontag Greek Theatre, and, off campus, the steep hills in north Claremont (good for workouts and the reward of a spectacular view)
Hobbies/Activities: Working on mechanical things like bikes and cars
What’s on your plate and in your cup? Skirt steak fajitas and caramel macchiatos
Fun fact: I have been bitten by nearly every poisonous spider in the U.S.

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Tina Brooks, Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions

Tina Brooks


States: Illinois (outside of Chicago), Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin
California: Far Northern California, Marin, Napa/Sonoma, Sacramento County
Other: Transfer applicants

About Tina

Hometown: Oshkosh, WI
College major: English
Favorite spots:  The Rains Center for yoga classes and the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park off campus
Hobbies/Activities: Walking with friends, reading obituaries and listening to sports on the radio while cooking
What’s on your plate? Dal, spicy eggplant and any kind of fruit
Fun fact: I was a scene photographer for a volunteer fire department in Ithaca, NY.

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Michelle Gonzalez, Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions

Michelle Gonzalez


States: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas (Southeast, West Texas & the Rio Grande Valley)
California: Central Coast, San Mateo County

About Michelle

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
College major: Spanish
Favorite spots: Frary Dining Hall (great food and the opportunity to catch up with students), Lebus Court and, off campus, Shelton Park in the Village
Hobbies/Activities: Trying new recipes! I also find great joy and peace in doing my nails. 
What’s on your plate and in your cup? I love my mom’s cooking, plus sushi, boba and my cold brew.
Fun fact: I had a Lego-themed wedding. Yes, I have pictures.

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Ryan Bouziane, Assistant Dean of Admissions

Ryan Bouziane


States: Kansas and Missouri
California: Oakland and Alameda County 
International: China and Pakistan

About Ryan

Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA
College major: Journalism (minor in Cinematic Arts)
Favorite spots: The Rains Center basketball court on campus, and, off campus, the Los Angeles Arboretum. And Disneyland.
Hobbies/Activities: Reading, writing, and spending time with my family
What’s on your plate? Home-cooked barbecue
Fun fact: My dog, a mini Australian Shepherd, loves to howl at trains

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Katrina Bruno, Assistant Dean of Admissions

Katrina Bruno


States: Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming
California: Greater Imperial Valley, Riverside County, San Bernardino & San Diego Counties 

About Katrina

Hometown: Miami, FL
College major: Journalism (Sociology minor)
Favorite spots: On campus, I enjoy relaxing/reading/napping on Marston Quad. Off campus you'll find me at Rhino Records in the Claremont Village digging for unique vinyls.
Hobbies/Activities: Music: listening to it, talking about it and watching it live. I also enjoy road trips through places I have never been before and writing/journaling.
What’s on your plate? Sushi/sashimi 
Fun fact: My friends and family find humor in the fact that I have a major fear... of butterflies. 

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Tom Campbell, Assistant Dean of Admissions

Tom Campbell


States & Cities: Oregon, Seattle metro area
California: Central Valley, Hollywood & Wilshire, West Beach, West Los Angeles

About Tom

Hometown: Springfield, MA
College Major(s): Architectural Studies and History
Favorite spots: On campus, the architectural enthusiast in me loves the juxtaposition of old and new: Bridges Auditorium and the Studio Art Hall are the best examples of this. Off campus, you can’t go wrong with the wealth of national parks and state parks in Southern California–so many diverse landscapes right in our backyard!
Hobbies/Activities: Lots of earthy crunchy stuff: hiking, biking, indie folk music, discovering new places and stories of overcoming insurmountable odds (my favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption)
What’s on your plate and in your cup? Greek yogurt and coffee and/or kombucha
Fun fact: I half-jokingly tell people that I was born a star (since my birth was filmed for a nursing class).

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Cris Monroy '14, Assistant Dean of Admissions

Cris Monroy


States: Connecticut, Idaho, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, New York (Westchester/Long Island), Vermont, Washington (outside of Seattle)
California: Glendale, Pasadena, Santa Ana

About Cris

Hometown: South Central Los Angeles
College majors: Psychology and Chicano Studies
Favorite spots: Skyspace and any soccer field
Hobbies/Activities: Soccer, basketball, hiking and spur-of-the-moment trips to the mall
What’s on your plate and in your cup? Chiles rellenos stuffed with lots of cheese and agua fresca de tamarindo
Fun fact: I fell in love with hiking after making it to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.

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Carolyn Starks, Assistant Dean of Admissions

Carolyn Starks


States: Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, Tennessee
California: Santa Clara County 

About Carolyn

Hometown: Auburn, AL
College major: English
Favorite spots: On campus, watching students interact with one another in Harwood courtyard during a tour is when I knew Pomona is where I wanted to be. Off campus, under the night sky at Yosemite National Park.
Hobbies/Activities: Eating my way through local cuisines and attending concerts
What’s in your cup? Sweet tea
Fun fact: Both of my sisters and I won “Best Smile” in high school. 

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Michael Walden, Assistant Dean of Admissions

Mike Walden


States: Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio 
California: Anaheim, Long Beach, South Bay
International: Latin America

About Michael

Hometown: Oak Park, IL
College major: English Literature and Creative Writing 
Favorite spots: Marston Quad, where I love having lunch on one of the benches beneath the shade of a tree, and Grand Park in downtown L.A. 
Hobbies/Activities: Writing, reading, cooking and beating my friends in FIFA
What’s on your plate? I’m a sucker for good Cajun food: fried baby catfish and red beans and rice. My heart leaps up for good macaroni and cheese. 
Fun fact: I used to be a member of the L.A. Harbor Dragon Boat Team.

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Ariana Gonzalez-Bonillas, Admissions Officer

Ariana Gonzalez-Bonillas


States: Indiana, Kentucky, New York (Upstate), North Carolina, South Carolina and West Virginia
California: Central Valley, Orange County, Whittier

About Ariana

Hometown:  Chandler, Arizona/San Diego, CA
College major: Sociology
Favorite spot on campus: The outdoor classroom/physics playground at Millikan 
Hobbies/Activities: Buying “too many” books, improving my cooking and baking skills (looking for taste testers!), writing and teasing my little dog
What’s on your plate and in your cup?  Chiles en nogada and café de olla
Fun fact: I've lived in three states thrice! Massachusetts (cold), Arizona (hot) and California (pretty nice)

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Paola Reyes Noriega '17, Admissions Officer

Paola Reyes


States: Iowa, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, Utah
California: Covina & West Covina, East Los Angeles, South & South Central Los Angeles, West San Fernando Valley 

About Paola

Hometown: Hawthorne, CA
College major: Spanish
Favorite spots: On campus, the darkroom in the Studio Art Hall and Skyspace. Off campus, Dockweiler State Beach, where I can watch planes take off from LAX!.
Hobbies/Activities: Board games, reading, photography, critiquing movies and Latin dancing
What’s on your plate and in your cup? A chicken & rice bowl (with avocado) and pineapple soda
Fun fact: I'm a dedicated Dodgers fan, but they’ve managed to lose every single game I’ve attended. Maybe I should stop going to so many . . .

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