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Seth Allen, Vice President for Strategy & Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

he, him

California: Santa Barbara & Ventura County

Hometown: Boston, MA
College major: Economics (and lots of creative writing)
Fun fact: I have an identical twin.
Advice for college applicants: Searching for colleges is like experimenting with new foods. You never know what will excite your taste buds.  Be open to potential colleges like you are open to new flavors, new spices, and uniquely regional cuisine. You don’t know what you don’t know until you’ve tried it.

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Adam Sapp, Interim Vice President & Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

he, him

States: Hawaii
California: East San Fernando Valley
Territories: American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands
International: Hong Kong, Japan, Pacific Islands, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and all other international areas not otherwise assigned

Hometown: Danville, OH
College major: History
Fun fact: I am on my fourth passport–the first three are full! 
Advice for college applicants: Read more autobiographies. Why? Because learning how to reflect on your life is a skill best learned early. 

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Joel A. Hart, Senior Associate Dean of Admissions & Director of Operations

he, him

States & Cities: District of Columbia, New York City
California: San Francisco County
International: Europe, Oceania (Australia/New Zealand)

Hometown: Nashville, TN
College majors: Political Science and Religious Studies
Fun fact: I once (and only once) appeared on Jeopardy!
Advice for college applicants: Stay organized, and check your email.

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Edward Pickett III, Senior Associate Dean of Admissions & Director of Recruitment

he, him

States & Cities: Chicago, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina
California: Claremont, West Beach, West Los Angeles

Hometown: Oakland/Berkeley, CA
College majors: Media Studies and Studio Art
Fun fact: As a former Sagehen athlete, my favorite TV stations are ESPN and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.
Advice for college applicants: Present your authentic self in your application. That’s the person we want to understand because that is the person who will attend college.

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Tina Brooks, Associate Dean of Admissions

she, her

States: Connecticut, Minnesota, New York (outside NYC), Wisconsin
California: Far Northern California, Marin County

Hometown: Oshkosh, WI
College major: English (emphasis on creative writing)
Fun fact: I was a scene photographer for a volunteer fire department in Ithaca, NY.
Advice for college applicants: If you have the chance to visit colleges, jot down a few notes on the brochure you pick up: What stood out? What were the students like? How much did you like the campus? After a bunch of campus visits, or the passage of time, they will either blur together or you might forget the details. Your notes will trigger memories of each campus.

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Michelle Gonzalez, Associate Dean of Admissions

she, her

States: Arizona, New Mexico, Southeast Texas & the Rio Grande Valley
California: Greater Imperial Valley, Riverside County & San Bernardino County

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
College major: Spanish
Fun fact: I had a Lego-themed wedding. Yes, I have pictures.
Advice for college applicants: Be yourself! Own your experiences.

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Scott Smith, Associate Dean of Admissions

he, him

California: Central Coast, Central Valley, San Fernando Valley (West)

Hometown: Martinez, GA
College major: Cinematic Arts
Fun fact: I once almost ran over George Lucas while riding my bike.
Advice for college applicants: College applications can feel like a big test that you’re trying to pass, but try to keep in mind that it really is more a matter of getting to know you—the real you—and how you might contribute to a community.

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Katrina Bruno, Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions

she, her

States: Colorado, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming
California: Glendale, Pasadena, San Diego County

Hometown: Miami, FL
College major: Journalism (Sociology minor)
Fun fact: My friends and family find humor in the fact that I have a major fear... of butterflies. 
Advice for college applicants: Check out blogs/newspapers/social media sites to learn more about what students on campus are talking about or care about.

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Paola Franco '17, Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions

she, they, ella

States: Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
California: East Los Angeles, South & South Central Los Angeles
Territories: Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands
International: Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa

Hometown:Hawthorne, CA
College major:Spanish
Fun fact: I'm a dedicated Dodgers fan, but they’ve managed to lose every single game I’ve attended. Maybe I should stop going to so many . . .
Advice for college applicants: Follow that gut feeling you're having! NOT liking an institution after visiting or doing research is just as valid as falling in love with one.

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Kenia Alfaro, Assistant Dean of Admissions

she, her, ella

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, North & Central Texas
California: Contra Costa County
International: Africa

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
College majors: Education Studies and Ethnic Studies
Fun fact: I once hiked part of the Appalachian Trail in the Shenandoah Valley—it was then I realized hiking is not my calling.
Advice for college applicants: Finding a college means finding a place that is the best fit for you, so trust yourself throughout the process and you’ll end up at the right place!

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Phoebe Blaisdell, Interim Assistant Dean of Admissions

they, them

States: Alaska, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington
California: Hollywood & Wilshire

Hometown: South Hadley, MA
College major: Philosophy
Fun fact: My best skill is my ability to fall down without seriously injuring myself. I've gotten a lot of practice over the years.
Advice for college applicants: When trying to get a feel for a school's atmosphere, try to talk to as many students as you can. If you have the chance to take a tour and ask the guide questions, try to find at least one or two other students who might be willing to answer the same questions, and see what the answers have in common or where they differ.

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Adriana B. Bustos, Assistant Dean of Admissions

she, her, ella

States: Kentucky, Maryland, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia
California: Anaheim, Covina & West Covina (except Claremont), Santa Ana

Hometown: La Puente, CA
College major: >Mathematics (Statistics emphasis)
Fun fact: I love thrifting. My goal this year is to shop almost 100% secondhand clothing for myself.
Advice for college applicants: The perfect college for you depends on ... YOU. Think about what's important to you, whether that's location, size, financial aid, or other factors. College will be a home away from home, so make sure you choose a college that is right for you, somewhere you feel you belong and where you can thrive over the next few years.

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Stanley Liu, Assistant Dean of Admissions

he, him

California: Long Beach
International: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Central Asia, China, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Hometown: San Gabriel, CA
College major:Psychology
Fun fact: I’m almost positive I was a Snorlax in my previous life.
Advice for college applicants: Be uncomfortable. Reflect. Write more. Read.

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Geraldine Castañeda '21, Admissions Officer

she, her

States: Illinois (outside Chicago), Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio
California: Napa/Sonoma, Sacramento County, San Jose

Hometown: Sacramento, CA
College major: Public Policy Analysis (PPA), Chicanx/Latinx concentration
Fun fact: I moonlight as a Zumba instructor.
Advice for college applicants: Focus more on making this an enjoyable process for yourself. Write about moments where you find real meaning, lean on people who hype you up, and write your future self a letter to read when you're done with the application process.

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Saaron Gonzalez, Admissions Officer

she, her, ella

States: Nevada
California: Orange County, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County (outside San Jose), South Bay, Whittier

Hometown: East Los Angeles (East L.A.), CA
College major: Politics
Fun fact: I was a violinist in my high school's orchestra and mariachi.
Advice for college applicants: Begin researching your prospective schools as early as possible. One way to organize your research is to create a spreadsheet with deadlines, programs/events for prospective students, academic programs, faculty, and any other qualities that are important to you in your research or college visit.

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Operations Staff

Kristi Hart, Operations Supervisor for Admissions
she, her

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Support Staff

Gina Green, Executive Assistant to Vice President, Admissions & Financial Aid
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Josi Muñoz-Rubalcava, Administrative Coordinator to Assistant VP & Director of Admissions
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Socorro Chavez, Administrative Assistant to the Senior Associate Dean & Director of Operations

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Arianna Batta Carrillo, Administrative Assistant to the Senior Associate Dean & Director of Recruitment
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