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Connect with a Student

Let’s face it: Pomona students have the best handle on what academics, social life and opportunities are like at Pomona. They’ve studied abroad, conducted research with faculty, gained funding for internships, registered for classes, competed in conference finals, served as peer tutors, sampled seven dining halls and made lifelong friends. Wouldn’t you want to ask them questions? Our student interns work alongside us during the academic year, helping us connect with prospective students and families. Feel welcome to email them questions, register for a one-on-one chat with them or attend one of the events they host.

Summer Fellows

Ben Baraga ’24

Hometown: Pasadena, CA

Major: Undecided (potentially Environmental Analysis and/or History)

Campus Activities: ASPC (student government) Host of Class of '24 Instagram (@fledgling_first_years); J Board (Judicial Board) (@jboardoutreach on Instagram); and Sunrise Claremont (@sunriseclaremontcolleges on Instagram)

What I'm most excited about in returning to campus: The first thing that gets me excited is the idea of bonding with people through school-sponsored activities like recreational sports and theatre (really, anything but Zoom). I have a majestic badminton backhand, and I've been waiting to share it with someone on the court. ☺️

What I'm most grateful for over the past year: I'm so very grateful for the people who stuck it out with me on Zoom. The friendliness and optimism radiating from my classmates carried me through two semesters, so how could I not shout them out here?

Youssef El Mosalami '24

Hometown: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

Major: Undecided (potentially Gender & Women's Studies and Psychological Science on a pre-med track)

Campus Activities: Claremont Colleges Emergency Medical Services (EMS); FLI Scholars (First-generation and/or Low-Income Scholars); Project Sunshine; and theatre groups such as The Green Room and Spotlight Musical Theatre

What I'm most excited about in returning to campus: Running up to everyone to finally give them the biggest hug possible in dorm rooms, theatre rehearsals, labs and all the hands-on environments at the 5Cs!

What I'm most grateful for over the past year: The support I've felt from friends in different states, and the camaraderie and kindness we all showed each other through computer screens–we made connections that, to this day, I'm still surprised we made.

Lucy Pan '24

Hometown: New York, NY

Major/Minor: (intended) Cognitive Science, Asian American Studies (minor)

Campus Activities: AAMP (Asian American Mentor Program); ASPC (student government) First Year Committee and Pomona Events Committee

What I'm most excited about in returning to campus: Being with my friends in person, decorating my dorm, living in Southern California ... honestly, after a virtual year, I'm super excited for everything!

What I'm most grateful for over the past year: All the amazing people I've met over our late-night Zoom and Discord study calls, as cheesy as it sounds. The 2 a.m. discussions with friends have been so fun, and I truly can't wait to see everyone on campus soon.

Leslie Paz '24

Hometown: Banning, CA

Major: Undecided (potentially Classics or Late Antique-Medieval Studies)

Campus Activities: Camp KesemChicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA)FLI Scholars (First-generation and/or Low-Income Scholars); and Pomona College MUN (Model United Nations)

What I'm most excited about in returning to campus: Finally seeing my friends in person rather than on a Zoom tile.

What I'm most grateful for over the past year: My family and friends, for sure! The hours of Zoom sessions spent playing games and having fun conversations were the highlight of my year. 

Siena Swift '23

Hometown: Kailua, HI

Major: Politics

Campus Activities: Book Room manager; Eco Rep for the Sustainability Integration Office; The Student Life (5C newspaper) writer; tour guide

What I'm most excited about in returning to campus: Having in-person office hours and classes again–and going to the Claremont Farmers Market!

What I'm most grateful for over the past year: My wonderful friends and the opportunity to see so many new places while I took the year off from school.