Admissions Interviews

Interviews are an entirely optional part of the college search and application process at Pomona. Typically, less than ten percent of our applicants will engage in an interview. Since we do not track demonstrated interest, interviewing does not advantage you in the admissions process. We do not offer interviews with admissions staff, but we welcome the chance to speak with you and your family informally or respond to your emails with information or answers to your questions. You are invited to book a 20-minute appointment to connect virtually with an admissions officer or a student and ask individual questions or participate in a virtual Q&A session with other interested students and families (you can participate or just listen in).

Virtual interviews with alumni are offered for interested prospective applicants who are high school seniors or prospective transfer applicants. For those planning to apply for entry in Fall 2022, interviews may be requested by completing an online form. For QuestBridge or Early Decision I applicants, the deadline to request an interview is October 11. For Early Decision II and Regular Decision applicants, the deadline to request an interview is December 3. For transfer applicants, the deadline to request an interview is February 4, 2022.