Alumni Admissions Volunteers

Our Alumni Admissions Volunteers (AAVs) are a crucial component of Pomona’s overall admissions effort. AAVs serve by interviewing students their region, calling to congratulate admitted students, attending local college fairs, and hosting or attending receptions for admitted students. The AAV program gives alumni of all ages a chance to shape the next generation of Sagehens. 


Alumni Admissions Volunteers can opt to interview students who cannot travel to Claremont to interview on campus. Pomona interviews are fairly conversational and generally last between 30 and 40 minutes each. Interviews are typically conducted at a public place, such as a coffee shop. Alumni send reports to the Office of Admissions for each interview conducted, which become part of an applicant’s official file. Alumni interviews take place between September and January. On average, alumni interviewers interview four to six students each fall.

Speak with Prospective Students

Alumni Admissions Volunteers may agree to contact (or be contacted by) prospective students who wish to speak with an alum to learn more about the Pomona experience. For instance, we may reach out to you if a student is interested in hearing more about a particular major option or career path that may be in line with your experience. AAVs may also volunteer to call and congratulate up to six admitted students from their area during the month of April, answering any questions they may have.

Attend College Fairs

Have you ever dreamed of representing Pomona College at a local high school fair? Join other college representatives in a school gym or other public space to talk with local students and parents. College representatives generally sit at or stand behind tables while parents and students walk around and gather information about various colleges. The Office of Admissions will mail you a supply of brochures and handouts prior to the event. Most fairs last about two to three hours and take place in the fall and spring. After attending a fair, AAVs fill out a college fair evaluation form to tell our office about their experience. The Alumni Volunteer Handbook provides more information about what to expect when attending a college fair.

Admitted Student Receptions (Summer Welcome Parties)

Each spring the Office of Admissions hosts informal gatherings of alumni and admitted students in various cities around the country. The receptions are usually held at the home of an alumni volunteer, and we also invite active AAVs within that region to attend. Alumni may also volunteer to help with refreshments, with RSVPs or by encouraging other alumni to attend.