Reunion Class Groups and Committees

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This year, Pomona classes ending in 3 or 8, the Class of 1976 and our Diamond Reunion Classes of 1962 and prior are celebrating milestone reunions with Alumni Weekend Reunion Class Dinners, programs and events, Reunion Class Gift contributions and more. Be sure to keep an eye on your mailbox and inbox for updates and announcements now through June 2023.

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2023 Pomona College Class Reunion Groups on Sagehen Connect

SOMETHING NEW! Class Reunion Pages have moved to Sagehen Connect Groups. Click on or tap your class's button below and you'll head straight to Sagehen Connect to log in and land on your Reunion Class Group's page. Don't have a login for Sagehen Connect yet, simply select the "Get Started" button on the landing page to claim your spot in Sagehen Connect and request your login.

Class Reunion Groups include messages from class committee members and other details specific to your class's reunion. You can also message classmates, share thoughts, photos, videos and more in your group. So log in and connect with your classmates soon!

Reunion Groups and Committees

Classes of 1962 and Prior | Diamond Reunion Group

Class of 1963 | 60th Reunion Group

60th Reunion Class Committee

  • Tempe Brooks
  • Rosemary Choate
  • Ron Smith
  • Clif Swanson

Class of 1968 | 55th Reunion Group

55th Reunion Class Committee

  • Jan Goldsmith
  • Brian Holmes
  • Leslie Howard
  • Neil Olson
  • Brian Stecher
  • Meredith Watts
  • Mark Wyland

Class of 1973 | 50th Reunion Group

50th Reunion Class Committee

  • Sonya Baehr, Co-Chair
  • Janice Feinstein
  • Carlos Garcia, Co-Chair
  • Garrett Hongo
  • Tom Jacobs
  • Alex Novakovich
  • Lois Seed
  • Michael Sequiera
  • Harold Todd
  • Carol Venolia

Class of 1976 | 47th Reunion Group

47th Reunion Class Committee

  • Dodie Bump
  • Chris Chu
  • Julianne Flora-Tostado
  • Stuart Irvine
  • Jeff Kinrich
  • George Miller
  • Joel Feuer

Class of 1978 | 45th Reunion Group

Interested in joining your Reunion Class Committee? Email Phoebe Oelheim, for more information.

Class of 1983 | 40th Reunion Group

40th Reunion Class Committee

  • Abbe Don
  • Jean Kaplan
  • Cheryl Nichel
  • David Nunes
  • Craig Wrench
  • Gavin Feliciano
  • Anne Houtman
  • Rosaura Jimenez-Mireles
  • Parker Kressen
  • Paul Martin
  • Molly Mills
  • Kathryn M. Riccio
  • Robert Ruh
  • Susan Scarritt Porter
  • John Spokes
  • Gabriela Vazquez

Class of 1988 | 35th Reunion Group

35th Reunion Class Committee

  • Jehanne Anabtawi
  • Bernie Chan
  • Matthew Estes
  • Cynthia Kopec
  • Paul Nagai
  • Harry Oei
  • Belinda Rabano
  • Dominic Yoong

Class of 1993 | 30th Reunion Group

30th Reunion Class Committee

  • Caroline Adams
  • Marc Bishop
  • Jay Cordes
  • Kristin Fix Johnson
  • Nicole Lipman

Class of 1998 | 25th Reunion Group

25th Reunion Class Committee

  • Susan Inman Dimizas
  • Victor Liu
  • Stephen Miller
  • Marissa Munoz
  • Bill Almquist

Class of 2003 | 20th Reunion Group

20th Reunion Class Committee

  • Susan Caplow
  • Joanna Edie
  • Jonathan Erickson
  • Kate Freund (Naso)
  • Sean Gilbert
  • Genevieve London
  • Seth Mazow
  • Julia Merpi, Co-Chair
  • Ben Miller
  • Monika Moore
  • Chad Naso
  • Conor O'Rourke, Co-Chair
  • Nate Rostron
  • Clint Russell
  • Gina (Mooty) Rutter
  • Perry Rutter

Class of 2008 | 15th Reunion Group

15th Reunion Class Committee

  • James Dee
  • Stuart Friedel
  • George Zachary Gonzales
  • Megan Kaes Long
  • Miguel Montoya
  • Jenn Wilcox Thomas
  • Cliff Wu

Class of 2013 | 10th Reunion Group

10th Reunion Class Committee

  • Jordan Bryant
  • Jonah Raduns-Silverstein
  • Adrien Redford
  • Joshua Rodriguez

Class of 2018 | 5th Reunion Group

5th Reunion Class Committee

  • Asher Abrahms
  • Nyia Hamilton
  • Adam Starr, Chair
  • Ross Wollman