Named Scholarships at Pomona College

Financial Aid at Pomona College is made possible through donations to the College from a diverse group of alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends, as well as foundations and other organizations.

Pomona designates approximately $50 million to provide students with need-based scholarships.  About half of the funding comes from scholarships established by donors. In many cases, the donor’s only restriction when they made their gift to Pomona was that it provide financial aid to eligible students. However, some donors ask that their scholarship funds support students with financial need who also have specific academic, extracurricular or career interests. 

How Are Students Selected to Receive a Named Scholarships?

The Office of Financial Aid reviews the information provided on the Scholarship Selection Form to determine students who qualify for one of Pomona's named scholarships.  Information from the Scholarship Selection Form is critical, as it helps staff understand students' interests, activities, and goals.

A student selected as a named scholar best fits the intent of the scholarship.  It is an honor to be chosen, as our scholars represent the College to our strongest supporters. The Stewardship Office hosts a luncheon in the spring to connect students with their donors, when at all possible.  Many students list their awards on their resumes as well.

How Does This Affect Your Offer of Financial Aid?

Receiving a named scholarship does not increase the total amount of scholarship funding a student receives. Instead, named scholarships replace general scholarship funds from Pomona College.  When a student receives a named scholarship and it has not been included in the first Offer of Financial Aid, the Office of Financial Aid provides an updated offer that includes the name and amount of the scholarship.