Student Loan Policy

In the context of recent news reports about institutional and personal relationships between some student loan providers and financial aid authorities at a few colleges and universities, we would like to reassure the Pomona College community of the following:

Pomona College does not have special business relationships with any student loan providers and does not receive considerations or financial reimbursements from any lenders.

All Pomona College officials are required, as part of routine Conflict of Interest reports, to disclose any relationships in which they or members of their immediate families stand to benefit from decisions made in the course of their work for the College. No such relationships have been reported and we are confident that none exist.

Students may obtain Federal loans through the Federal Direct Loan program.  For private loans, the College provides a list of all lenders that have made loans to Pomona students in the past five years and are still offering private student loans. This list is based on comprehensive historical data; it is not intended as a preferred lender list.  In fact, the College has no "preference" about the choice of lender, and no considerations of any sort are provided in return for inclusion on this list. Students are free to deal with other loan providers, and many do. The College works with all such lenders to facilitate the financing choices of its students.