We Are One Pomona

We are a community of individuals—the seekers, dot-connectors, artists, innovators, dreamers and change makers. We came from across the globe and connected through one shared experience—the Pomona liberal arts experience.

Biology majors, econ majors, PPA and English majors, and ballroom dance competitors, ASPC representatives, Glee Club singers, Ultimate Frisbee champs and KSPC DJs... We are thoughtful, passionate, driven, and incessantly curious about the world around us, and our role in it.

Nick Timms '21

“My biggest surprise here has probably been how often I’ve made connections between the different classes I’ve taken so far. Take climate change for a topic. You learn about the environmental chemistry behind it, the supra-national efforts to incentivize countries to disengage in pollution activities, and how it’s difficult for countries to resolve disputes and make other countries commit to certain actions. You also explore the dynamics of trade and economic power between major industrialized countries that contribute most to carbon emissions and learn the Mandarin words and cultural effects that pollution can have on people living in China and Taiwan. That’s what I call a liberal arts education.” —Nick Timms ’21

When we think about the things that shape a society—policy, education, economics, technology, arts, the environment and so many other fields—Pomona College’s breadth and depth of programs is hard to match.

One Pomona.
Endless opportunities.

Great things happen when Sagehens come together as One Pomona.

Isabel Callahan '21

“Pomona encourages students to succeed—be it politically, musically, financially—and they do not do so at the expense of honoring and nurturing all that is unique to an individual. What I once wrote off as hobbies I now see as important parts of my week. Pomona changed my life by surrounding me with people who saw me not as a fixed story, but as a kind of imperfect, continuously shifting character in a story we all share.” —Isabel Callahan ’21

Support bold, interdisciplinary thinking, meaningful faculty-student relationships, need-blind admissions, and access to hands-on research and internships for all students. Give your gift today, because when we come together as One Pomona, we create endless opportunities for our students, our communities and the world.

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