Strategic Initiatives for Pomona

We have received so much in return from supporting Pomona. We have an opportunity to meet the faculty who receive support from our faculty grant fund that helps underwrite projects ranging from research in English literature to astronomy. We always leave Pomona after a visit excited and impressed by the quality and diversity of the work being done by the faculty."

David '59 and Susan '61 Hoffman Hirsch 

Beacon of the Liberal Arts

Pomona has become the college of choice for individuals who seek to engage in probing inquiry and creative learning while exploring their intellectual passions.  Pomona is ranked among the best liberal arts institutions in the world.  Given its leadership status, Pomona feels a special responsibility to publicly articulate a forward-looking liberal arts approach and to serve as a beacon for liberal arts education worldwide.   

Its role as a leader is being realized in two ways.  One is its ambassadorship for the liberal arts to the national and international community, and the other is its leadership in the evolution of the liberal arts approach.  In these roles, Pomona provides its students with the essential values of a liberal arts education by:

  • Providing a permanent skill base for its students in a changing world,
  • Providing for self-discovery by its students, and
  • Ensuring that students enter their careers with an intellectually diverse network
  • Secondly, as Pomona leads evolution of the liberal arts curriculum, it is focusing on:
  • Incorporating new disciplines into the liberal arts tradition,
  • Fostering creativity through diverse thinking, and
  • Maintaining an unwavering commitment to access to education for students of all means.

The World Needs Daring Minds

In every field of human endeavor—science and the arts, business and the professions, scholarship and public service—important things happen when daring, innovative, principled thinkers have the courage to step forward with new ideas. That is why, at Pomona College, we dare our students to dream boldly, push them to think broadly and deeply, encourage them to stretch their creative muscles and to take intellectual risks, and challenge them—in the words inscribed upon our gates—to “bear their added riches in trust for mankind.”

Foundation and Strategic Initiatives

Pomona realizes strategic initiatives through partnerships with individual donors, foundation and corporate partners. Among the College's funding priorities are academic facilities and programs, scholarships, and unrestricted endowed and annual support. We are grateful to donors who support us and look forward to working with them in our efforts to further the mission of the College.

The Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations identifies and solicits foundation and corporate funders whose areas of interest and support match Pomona's institutional priorities. To that end, we coordinate foundation and corporate activities at the College, including grant proposals, gift acknowledgements, liaison with matching gift companies, grant reports, and visits. We coordinate with the Office of the Dean of the College to offer grant writing assistance to Pomona College faculty who are seeking support from private foundations. Additionally, we keep the College aware of issues in higher-education philanthropy and general philanthropic trends.

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