Our Highest Priorities


Pomona students are eager for opportunities to challenge themselves beyond the classroom, pitting themselves against real problems with real consequences. Because working in the summer is a necessity for many Pomona students, taking advantage of unpaid or low-paying internships is not always possible. To make it possible for all interested students to participate, the College provides stipends of up to $4,000 for domestic internships and up to $5,000 for international internships to cover living expenses and travel.

Student Research

The Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) enables students to conduct extended, focused research in close cooperation with a Pomona faculty member.

The Museum of Art

The Museum's success in integrating its programs into the academic life of the College has far outstripped its resources. To continue the development of a first-class “teaching museum,” the College will need additional funding for initiatives to expand its programming across the curriculum; to provide greater access to faculty, students and the broader community; and to expand its collections.


Created by a gift of $100,000 or more, an endowed scholarship will provide assistance for generations of deserving students over the years

Visiting Artists

By bringing some of the world's finest practitioners of the arts to Pomona, this program will add immeasurably to the dynamism of the arts on campus by permitting faculty and students to observe noted artists at work and to learn from them in workshops, classes, exhibitions and performances.

International Initiatives

Among the first to develop a program in Asian Studies, Pomona has a long tradition of engagement in international issues. New support for such programs as International Relations and resources like the Pacific Basin Institute and the Oldenborg Center will help keep that tradition strong


Support the athletic department broadly with initiatives that benefit all teams and student-athletes such as facilities upgrades, team travel, and equipment purchases for the college’s exercise and sports training center.