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LAMS Alumni & Theses


Jess Gadis (Scripps '15 - LAMS major) - Language: Latin
Thesis: "Caving In to the Will of the Masses?: Relics in Augustine's 'City of God'"

Hanna McGinnis (Pomona '15 - LAMS major) - Language: Latin
Thesis: "The Evolution of Medieval Marital Law: Ivo of Chartres 'Panormia' & the Theories of Georges Duby"

Austin Strong (Pitzer '15 - LAMS major) - Language: Latin
Thesis: "Latin Christian Justifications of the Fourth Crusade Through 'Furtum Sacrum'"


Rolando Gutierrez (Claremont McKenna '14 - LAMS major) - Language: Arabic
Thesis: "Pieces of a Mosaic: Revised Identities of the Almoravid & Almohad Caliphates & the Al-Bayan Al-Mughrib"

Emma Kellman (Scripps '14 - LAMS minor) - Language: Hebrew
Thesis: "Politicized Historiography & The Zionist-Crusader Analogy"

Dan Martin (Pomona '14 - LAMS major) - Language: Latin
Thesis: "The Chimerae of Their Age: Twelfth-Century Cistercians & Their Engagement Beyond the Monastic Walls"

Rina Sadun (Pomona '14 - LAMS minor) - Language: Arabic & Hebrew
Thesis: "Killing Isaac, Saving Israel: Martyrdom & Identity in Ephraim of Bonn's 'Akedah'"

Lily Stewart (Scripps '14 - LAMS minor) - Language: Latin
Thesis: "Canonizing Episcopal 'Naughtiness': Negative Depictions of Bishops & the Episcopacy in Late Antique & Medieval Hagiography"

Andy Yost (Pomona '14 - LAMS major) - Language: Greek
Thesis: "Proto-Dialogue: Novelties & Shortcomings of John of Damascus' 'De Haersibus' & 'Disputatio Saraceni et Christiani'"