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LAMS Symposia & Events

Each year, toward the end of February, the Classics Department hosts a LAMS symposium. In even years, it is an intramural one, a chance to share work among ourselves. In odd years, we host a regional symposium on a specific topic of mutual interest.

The next regional symposium will be held in 2017 and the proposed topic is Culture Wars.

2015: Religious Boundaries & Their Maintenance

February 20-21, 2015

Featured speaker: Brian Catlos (University of Colorado, Boulder): "Infidel Subjects: Identity, Politics & Culture in the Plural Medieval Mediterranean"

Symposium highlighted the efforts on the part of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities to maintain their religious identities in the face of the social, political, and economic pressures that threatened to erode them.

Papers by Ra'anan Boustan, Andrew Jacobs, Dayna Kalleres, Lena Salaymeh, Ken Wolf, Glen Cooper, Tom Barton, Stephennie Mulder, Christine Chism, Corey Tazzara, Elyse Semerdjian and Andrew Devereux

2013 Symposium (Inaugural): The Life and Legacy of Constantine

February 22-23, 2013

Featured speaker: Ray Van Dam (University of Michigan): "Imagining Constantine"

Symposium held in commemoration of the 1,700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan.

Papers by: Beth Digesser, Hal Drake, Tina Sessa, Brenda Schildgen, Gerhard Jaritz, Jen Jahner, Judson Emerick, George Gorse, Christopher Chinn, Ken Wolf, and Shane Bjornlie