LAMS Faculty Specialties

LAMS Faculty Coordinator

Ken Wolf (History & Classics, Pomona College): medieval Mediterranean history, medieval Christianity

LAMS Faculty at The Claremont Colleges

Ahmed Alwishah (Philosophy, Pitzer College): medieval Islamic Philosophy

Michelle Berenfeld (Classics, Pitzer College): Late Antique art and archaeology

Shane Bjornlie (History, Claremont McKenna College): Late antique and early medieval history

Esther Chung-Kim (Religious Studies, Claremont McKenna College): Reformation

Donna M. Di Grazia (Music, Pomona College): Renaissance music history

Heather Ferguson (History, Claremont McKenna College): Islam, Ottoman Empire

Marino Forlino (Italian, Scripps College): Italian, Renaissance literature

Gary Gilbert (Religious Studies, Claremont McKenna College): Judaism and Early Christianity

George Gorse (Art History, Pomona College): Renaissance art and architecture

Carina Johnson (History, Pitzer College): Habsburg Empire

Zayn Kassam (Religious Studies, Pomona College): Islamic philosophy; gender

Jordan Kirk (English, Pomona College): medieval English literature

Tessie Prakas (English, Scripps College): Early Modern English literature

Ellen Rentz (Literature, Claremont McKenna College): medieval English literature

Luis Salés (Religious Studies, Scripps College): Non-Western early Christianities

Corey Tazzara (History, Scripps College): Early Modern Italy

Jamel Velji (Religious Studies, Claremont McKenna College): Islam, apocalypticism

Affiliated Faculty

Chris Chinn (Classics, Pomona College): Latin literature

Benjamin Keim (Classics, Pomona College): ancient Greek history

Bassam Frangieh (Arabic, Claremont McKenna College): Arabic and Arabic literature

Richard McKirahan (Classics, Pomona College): ancient Greek philosophy

David Roselli (Classics, Scripps College): Greek literature

Jody Valentine (Classics, Pomona College): Greek and Latin literature, Gender & Women's Studies

Nancy Van Deusen (Music, Claremont Graduate University): medieval music history