LAMS Courses and Requirements

LAMS as a major is administered by the Classics department at Pomona College, but any student from any of The Claremont Colleges can major in LAMS. 

All LAMS majors must choose to study Greek, Latin, Arabic or Hebrew, and must complete a Senior Seminar (LAMS 190) and a Senior Thesis (LAMS 191). While there are several classes all majors must complete, LAMS students are expected to work with LAMS faculty members to design a cohesive and viable curriculum around their particular interests. For exact LAMS major requirements, please visit the "Major, Minors, Courses" link in the navigation.  

Senior Thesis

The LAMS thesis is a year-long process. A Formal Thesis Proposal is due on April 15 (at the end of the junior year) and the thesis itself is due on April 15 (at the end of the senior year). The LAMS thesis is to be modeled on the scholarly articles that regularly appear in the principal medieval studies journal in the United States, Speculum. It should be about the same length as a Speculum article, it should be as polished as a Speculum article, and it should be formatted like a Speculum article. 

Learning Objectives

Because LAMS as a major is modeled on Classics, the Learning Objectives are similar to those developed for Classics. LAMS students can expect:

  • a multi-disciplinary understanding of the late antique and medieval Greek, Latin, and Arabic worlds in their Mediterranean and Near Eastern contexts;
  • basic knowledge of one or more of the languages appropriate for LAMS: Greek, Latin, or Arabic;
  • a chance to pursue a LAMS research topic of their own design;
  • a quintessentially “Liberal Arts” experience that incorporates a wide range of disciplines set within a specific geographical and temporal framework;
  • preparation for a wide range of careers that require effective communication and research skills as well as a broad knowledge base;
  • the academic preparation to pursue graduate work in Late Antique, Medieval, and Near Eastern Studies.