Classics Faculty and Staff

Classics Faculty

Prof. Ken Wolf
Kenneth Baxter Wolf
Chair of the Faculty; Professor of Classics and John Sutton Miner Professor of History; Coordinator of Late Antique-Medieval Studies
Prof. Benjamin Keim
Benjamin D. Keim
Associate Professor of Classics; On leave for the 2023-2024 academic year
Prof. Richard McKirahan
Richard D. McKirahan
Edwin Clarence Norton Professor of Classics and Professor of Philosophy; On leave Spring 2024
Jody Valentine
Jody Valentine
Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics

Classics Faculty at other Claremont Colleges

Michelle Berenfeld
Michelle Berenfeld
Associate Professor of Classics (Pitzer College)
Shane Bjornlie
Shane Bjornlie
Professor of History (Claremont-McKenna College)
Prof. Ellen Finkelpearl
Ellen Finkelpearl
Helen Chandler Garland Professor of Ancient Studies and Professor of Classics (Scripps College)
Prof. David Roselli
David Roselli
Associate Professor of Classics (Scripps College)

Classics Staff

Cynthia Madrigal
Cynthia Madrigal
Academic Department Coordinator of Art History, Classics, and Gender and Women's Studies