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When does the SURP application open?

The SURP application will go live December 2019.

What is the SURP deadline?

Friday, February 21st, 2020.

Is there a different deadline for international SURPs?

No. All SURPs are due February 21st, 2020.

How do I apply for a SURP?

Applicants must complete on an online application through the Fluid Review website. A link to the site will be sent out via email and posted on the SURP website when available. The application requires completion of a general information form, uploading your transcript and proposal, and requesting a recommendation letter from a Pomona faculty member.

Is my proposal an Independent SURP or a Research Assistantship (RA)?

In an Independent SURP students design their own research project and work independently, consulting frequently with their faculty mentor. A Research Assistantship is working on a faculty-lead research project, either in a lab or elsewhere.

If I am doing research with a faculty member at another institution, is that considered an Independent or Research Assistantship SURP?

Research done at another institution is considered an Independent SURP. We encourage students to seek funding from the institution they will be working for prior to applying for a SURP.

What should my proposal look like?

The maximum length of the narrative is 3,500 characters, not including spaces or citations. The narrative should provide an outline of the project’s goals and specific aims, as well as a description of the research design and methods. The reviewers will typically not be familiar with the subject matter, so we encourage students to use lay terms.

If I am working as a member of a research team, can we submit one group proposal?

All students should draft their own proposal, even if they will be working as a team on the same project. The faculty mentor should work with the students to explain the project they will be working on, but the proposal should be in the student’s own words.

How do I choose a faculty mentor?

Reach out to the Pomona faculty member whose research or discipline is most closely aligned with the project or topic area that you are interested in.

If I am doing research with a faculty mentor at another institution, do I still need a Pomona faculty mentor?

All SURP students need a Pomona faculty mentor, even if you have a mentor at another institution. The student is expected to be in frequent contact with their Pomona faculty mentor to keep them apprised of the project status.

If I have an Independent SURP, do I still need to check-in with my Pomona faculty member?

Yes, the Independent SURP students are expected to be consulting with their faculty mentor regularly. The mentor is a valuable consultant that can help work through any issues that arise and suggest alternative approaches.

Can a visiting professor be a faculty mentor?


Who reviews the SURP applications?

The Research Committee, including representatives from each division, reviews the applications and awards, waitlists, or denies.

What happens if I am awarded a SURP?

The student and their mentor will be notified if they have been awarded a SURP. Students that are awarded a SURP are required to attend an orientation in April 2020 (exact date TBD.) The orientation will cover pay structures, taxes, housing, travel, etc. Representatives from the Office of Sponsored Research, Human Resources, Payroll, and Housing will be on hand to help answer questions. Students have 1 week from award notification to accept or decline their SURP award.

What happens if I am placed on the waitlist?

The Research Committee will contact you to determine if you would like to remain on the waitlist or decline. Additional SURP funds can become available when awarded students decline their SURP. When this happens, the Research Committee will realign those funds with the next eligible candidate on the waitlist. Many of our donor funds have restrictions that limit what they can be used for, so the Committee must review waitlisted candidates not only on merit, but also that they meet the requirements of the available funds. Students should anticipate remaining on the waitlist for approximately 2 weeks. After this period, you will be notified if an award has become available or if your project has been declined for this award cycle.

Are seniors eligible to receive SURP funding for the summer after graduation?

Students are not eligible for funding the summer after graduation. However, funds may be available in departments or with a specific faculty member (for example, if they have a student wage line on an external grant.)

What if I am studying abroad and can’t attend the spring orientation?

We will post all pertinent information on the SURP website. We encourage students that are unable to attend to visit the website and gather information from your colleagues. The Office of Sponsored Research is always available for questions as well, or 70111.

What is the duration of the SURP?

SURPs can be anywhere between 5-10 weeks in length. Projects can start as early as a week after commencement and end no later than the second week of August. Dates outside of this timeframe require prior approval.

I was awarded a 10 week SURP but was unable to finish my research, can I extend my SURP an additional 2 weeks?

No, SURP funding does not allow for projects to go beyond their proposed timeline.

Other Helpful Tips

  • Communicate with your prospective faculty mentor early to let them know your intentions.
  • If you have multiple options you are considering for summer, make sure your mentor is aware so they can make contingency plans should you choose not to work with them.

Who should I contact for additional SURP questions?

Amanda Jorgensen, Grants Administrator. 70111 or