Applications for all types of leaves are reviewed by the Research Committee, the Faculty Personnel Committee, the Cabinet, and the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees. Applications must be submitted online no later than the October 11, 2017, deadline to allow adequate time for review and advice to applicants by these bodies. Requests for leaves after this date will not be accepted.

The Research Committee reviews proposed leave projects to ensure that the College makes the best possible use of resources set aside for scholarly activity and for individual faculty development.  The Committee's participation in the approval process enables it to assess the merits of proposals and to provide guidance designed to assist faculty in refining their research plans.  The Faculty Personnel Committee reviews leave proposals with respect to their departmental and collegiate personnel implications.

Sabbatical Subventions

Faculty members applying for sabbatical subventions and junior faculty applying for Steele sabbatical leaves are required to seek outside support from at least one external source.  The on-line leave application asks the faculty member applying for leave to confirm if they are requesting subvention and if so to identify external source(s) to which they have applied or plan to apply to for funding. Feedback on applications to external funding agencies can yield helpful advice from colleagues and lead to refinement of the leave project.

Associate Dean of the College Tony Boston in the Dean's Office can provide assistance in locating funding sources and making applications (tony.boston@pomona.edu, (909) 621-8497). External funding sources are listed on the Dean's Office website.