Finance Office Responsibilities

This office is responsible for financial management of extramurally supported Contracts, Grants and Sub-awards. The Senior Grants Accountant takes the lead but not exclusive role in implementing these responsibilities, which include the following:

  • Set up new grants in Workday by assigning cost center, program, and fund number.
  • Review and certify expenditures for funded projects for consistency with sponsor and College policies and Award terms and conditions, including assurances that all expenditures of federal funds are allowable, reasonable, and allocable.
  • Prepare and submit invoices and financial reports of expenditures.
  • Obtain adequate and timely reimbursement for Award expenditures from external agencies.
  • Generate “Time and Effort” forms, review signed and completed forms and provide assistance to PIs in completing forms as required.
  • Close out funds, transfer overdrafts and unallowable expenditures as needed or adjust the budget after consultation with the Director of Sponsored Research and the PI.
  • If a Workday transaction by a PI or coordinator allocates unallowable costs to an external award, the Workday transaction will be sent back for retagging to the correct account by the Approver for the Finance Office or Office of Sponsored Research.
  • Any unallowable expense that is determined after Approval to have been mistakenly allocated to an external award will be journaled from the award account to a nonsponsored account, such as department operations, gift funds, faculty startup, faculty research incentive, or central operations, as directed by the Grants Accountant or other Finance Office Approver.
  • Work with Audit and Advisory Services to respond to sponsor audit requests.
  • Conduct post-audit reviews of selected transfers of payroll and non-payment expenditures for conformance to agency and College policies/procedures.