Sponsored Research Office Responsibilities

Sponsored Research Office Responsibilities for Administration of Proposals and Awards

The Office and Director of Sponsored Research engage in a variety of pre-Award and post-Award roles and activities, including the following specific responsibilities for the administration of any proposed or active research-related Award, sub-Award, or post-Award amendment (henceforth, “Award”) from a public agency:

  • Confirm the eligibility of persons designated as Principal or co-Principal Investigator for Pomona College on a proposed or active Award
  • Ensure that the objectives, scope, and elements of a proposed Award are consistent with the mission and policies of the College
  • Ensure that a proposed Award is feasible and appropriate in terms of the commitment of College personnel, facilities, space, supplies, and other resources
  • Ensure that the distribution of faculty and staff effort for a proposed Award considers the time required for teaching, campus citizenship, other research-related commitments, and work/life balance; and that the distribution of effort of student research assistants considers the time required for academics and other aspects of student life
  • Ensure that all cost elements and estimates of a proposed Award are allowable, allocable, reasonable, beneficial to the project objectives, and fall within specific limitations or restrictions that may be included in the relevant funding opportunity
  • Assess, endorse, and obtain institutional approval as needed from the Dean of the College and/or other budget gatekeepers for any cost sharing/matching commitments associated with a proposed Award
  • Review, approve, provide required assurances/certifications, and submit all proposed Awards to public-sector agencies or relevant intermediaries/collaborators.
  • Negotiate, execute, and accept public-sector Awards
  • Provide post-Award consultation and support to PIs for active Awards
  • Serve as designated Signing Official or equivalent and as institutional liaison with Sponsors, including participation as needed, requested, or appropriate in progress reporting, site visits, program audits or queries, and closeout activities for active Awards.
  • Review and approve financial transactions related to faculty summer salary, purchase of equipment and supplies, retention of consultants, and other acquisitions of goods and services consistent with the objectives, budget, terms and conditions of Award