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Sponsored Research Office Responsibilities

Sponsored Research Office (Associate Dean and Grants Administrator)

  • Ensure that the proposed project is consistent with the educational mission of the College.
  • Ensure that the proposed project is doable with the College's facilities, space and resources.
  • Determine the eligibility of the person designated as the Principal Investigator. (See Principal Investigator: Eligibility Requirements).
  • Make sure that the distribution of effort takes into account the time required for teaching and campus citizenship.
  • Assess and approve in conjunction with the Dean of the College, the level of cost sharing/matching fund commitments outlined in the proposal.
  • Identification of appropriate unrestricted funds to handle cost overruns/overdrafts.
  • Review, approve and submit all proposals to government agencies.
  • Negotiate, execute and accept Awards that are consistent with Pomona College policy.
  • Provide Pre- and Post Award consultations and support to PIs.
  • Serve as liaison with Sponsors, participate in agency site visits and audits and assists in closeout activities.

Grants Administrator

Once an award has been made the Grants Administrator ensures the following:

  • Administers all financial transactions related to personnel, purchase of equipment, laboratory supplies and the retention of consultants and other services that are consistent with the project purposes and terms and conditions of the Award.
  • Manages funds, transfers overdrafts and unallowable expenditures to other permissible fund sources.
  • Adjusts the budget to clear out unexpended balances after conferring with the Associate Dean and the PI.