2017-18 Academic Year: Jing Xu


Tell us something special about your hometown?
​Yili is located in western China near Kazakhstan and is one of the most beautiful places in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Home to more than 13 ethnic groups, the blended cultures make Yili rich and colorful.

Tell us about a favorite activity that you pursue when you have free time?
I enjoy reading, chatting with people, playing badminton, and hiking.

Tell us what you studied at the university and what you might like to do one day?
I studied social work as an undergraduate and am currently working towards my master’s in anthropology with a focus in ethnology. In the future, I would like to teach and travel the world.

What would you like to learn from your students in your classes?
I would like to learn about their different perspectives on things. Being able to share our own viewpoints with one another will allow us to better understand each other. 

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